Valorant Masters Berlin Day 2


Valorant Masters Berlin Day 2 Recap: Gambit Esports Dominates

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Valorant Masters Berlin Day 2 saw Gambit Esports take home two 13-1 victories against Crazy Raccoon.
Vision Strikers defeated Paper Rex 2-0 and Team Envy secured a 2-0 win against Vivo Key.
Sentinels is set to go up against G2 Esports later tonight on Day 3.

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin saw Vision Strikers start off strong with a 2-0 victory over Paper Rex and Gambit Esports securing a 2-0 win against Crazy Racoon, to put itself on the number one spot in EMEA Circuit Points leaderboard. Vivo Keyd suffered an upset at the hands of Team Envy, with a 0-2 loss against the North American organization. Tournament favorites Sentinels is yet to compete at the event and the team will be going up against G2 Esports later tonight. Here is a recap of all the action from Day 2 of Valorant Masters Berlin.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day 2 Recap

Match A1 — Vision Strikers v Paper Rex (2-0)

Vision Strikers was the fan favorite in the matchup, but it struggled to get past Paper Rex’s defences after picking up an early lead on Haven. VS eventually got past a resilient Paper Rex squad and secured a 13-9 win. Paper Rex put on a dominance performance on Icebox, but Vision Strikers responded with a seven-round winstreak and took home the second match 13-11.

Match C1 — Gambit Esports v Crazy Raccoon (2-0)

Gambit Esports had a field day against Crazy Racoon with an astonishing 13-1 victory on Bind and another 13-1 victory at Icebox. GE gave no room for error to Crazy Raccoon and the entire Gambit roster ended the night with a K/D of 2.0 and above.

Match B1 — Vivo Keyd v Team Envy (0-2)

Vivo and Envy’s match on Icebox was the first overtime game in the event with a very close 13-15 victory. Team Envy secured a seven-round winstreak at the start but Vivo Keyd responded with a five-round winstreak of its own. Both teams went at each other’s throats and the match eventually ended 13-9 in Team Envy’s favor, inching the team closer to Valorant Champions.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day 2 Statistics

The entire Gambit Esports roster roster ended the night with a K/D of 2.0 or higher, with Bogdan “Sheydos” Naumov sitting at a K/D of 3.0.

Gambit Esports’ Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin and Vivo Keyd’s Olavo “heat” Marcelo broke the 300 Average Combat Score rating mark with individual scores of 300.0 and 302.0 respectively.

Sova continues to be the most picked agent with an astounding 85% pickrate with Jett now at 77%.

Valorant Masters Berlin: Where to watch

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