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Valorant Game Changers Championship to Be Held in Berlin

APAC region gets one slot at the Championship in Berlin

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Riot Games announced that the Game Changers Championship will be held in a LAN tournament in Berlin, Germany in November.
A total of eight teams will participate in the tournament which will feature a double-elimination bracket.
North America and EMEA are getting two slots each at the event whereas Brazil, LATAM, APAC, and East Asia regions will send one representative each.

Riot Games revealed that the Valorant Game Changers Championship will be held in Berlin, Germany in November. This will be the first-ever global Game Changers event and teams from across the world will be competing for a shot at the World Champion trophy. Riot also revealed that the Game Changers championship will be held between 15th and 20th November.

What is the Game Changers Championship format?

The championship will feature a six-day tournament where the eight best teams from different regions will go head to head to be the first team to hold the Game Changers Championship trophy. This event will see qualified Game Changers teams play through a double-elimination bracket within a LAN setting, confirmed Riot.

According to Riot Games, each region was provided with slots based on the competitiveness of their region and their respective player population.

Game Changers Championship: Region-wise slots

The regions that shall be sending representative(s) to the Game Changers Championship are North America (NA), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Brazil, Latin America (LATAM), East Asia, and Asia Pacific (APAC).

The following are the slots that were designated to each of these regions by Riot Games:

  • North America: 2

  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: 2

  • Brazil: 1

  • Latin America: 1

  • East Asia: 1

  • APAC: 1

Distribution of slots

The number of slots given to these regions has been a hot topic of debate and discussion. Many in the Valorant community have been pushing for more slots for the other regions given how competitive they are. Notably, the hashtag #12slotsgamechangers was trending on Twitter after the announcement.

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers is a program that was introduced by Riot in February 2021, aimed at diversifying Valorant’s competitive space by creating new and varied opportunities for women and other marginalized genders in its esports ecosystem. The series runs parallel to the VCT and looks to foster these talents in a safe environment away from any potential harassment.

Currently, it consists of two initiatives: the VCT Game Changers Series and the VCT Game Changers Academy. While the VCT Game Changers Series is focused on top-tier competitions across multiple regions, the Game Changers Academy is a series that allows players to compete at semi-pro and grassroots level tournaments.

While Game Changers is enabling female competitors to compete on a level playing field, its ultimate aim is to elevate marginalized communities and allow them to grow and compete against the male-dominated main circuit.

We will soon be seeing all eight teams in an action-packed tournament in the very first LAN event for Game Changers.

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