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Valorant Game Changers Academy Is Tightening Eligibility Requirements

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Game Changers Academy is no longer allowing teams newer than two weeks at the time of registration.
Players need to provide any type of proof that they have played together for at least two weeks before registering for events.
The new rule will be implemented next month with registration for the next Game Changers Academy event closing on 26th September.

The Game Changers Academy entry requirements are being tweaked to prevent “pug teams” from signing up for the tournaments under the Game Changers program. Teams that have played together for less than two weeks will no longer be allowed into the event. Galorants’ Socials Lead and Game Changers Academy organizer, Resley, in the Galorants tournament information hub Discord server, said that the Game Changers Academy tournaments will begin enforcing the rule starting from September.

Why is entry to Game Changers Academy programs being restricted

Riot Games recently merged the rulebooks for its Game Changers and Game Changers Academy programs which led to the change according to Game Changers Report. According to Rule 3.9 in the North America Game Changers rulebook, titled Eligibility Vouching: “The Team’s Starting Roster must have played together for at least two (2) weeks prior to the Game Changers event registration deadline.”

The rule was added to the rulebook back in August but it was not enforced until now as implementing it on such short notice would negatively affect a large number of teams. New free agent teams will be affected the most and players will need to organize their team in advance before events kick off. The change will also affect the schedules of free agents as it will lead to conflicts between their practice time with Game Changers Academy teams and their trials with other teams.

Teams will need to present evidence to gain entry to Game Changers Academy programs. Any form of evidence including match history or proof of participation in prior events will suffice. It is unknown to what extent the rule will be implemented but interested participants should have evidence ready when signing up for the Academy events starting from September.

The next Game Changers Academy event will kick off on 30th September and the deadline for registration is 26th September. Players will need to lock in their teams by 12th September and will likely have to show proof of participation at the time of registration. The rule is already applicable to Game Changers events and it is now a part of the Academy tournaments as well.

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