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Valorant’s Fracture Map is Getting A Rework Soon

Abhimannu Das
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Fracture might get a rework as early as October with the next major content update set to release around 18th October.
There will be changes to Site A, to ensure parity between attacking and defending sides.
Neutral ground will also get a rework with the dish area being in the developers' radar at the moment.

Valorant map Fracture is getting a rework soon according to game designer Joe Lansford who is currently working on the overhaul. Fracture was released in September 2021 and it was removed within 48 hours of its release. There was a bug that caused the Spike to spawn underneath the map, which would make it impossible for offensive teams to retrieve it.

Riot Games fixed the issue and it was brought back. But after the map was added to the competitive queue, a lot of players started having mixed feelings about the map and not everyone in the community is a fan of Fracture.

How will Fracture be reworked for Valorant?

Lansford shared an update on TikTok saying that Fracture has been out for a year now and that Riot Games is “working on a couple of changes right now. The high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map, and hopefully, make the A site more defensible.”

As it stands there are too many entryways to the A side, which makes it difficult for defenders as well as attackers (post-plant). We can expect A site to get reworked and Riot Games is considering balancing the map to make it suitable for both attack and defense.

The dish area is controversial as it is very hard to control and players can get pinched very easily. Lansford said, “For Fracture, we wanted to flip neutral space on its head. Neutral space is the territory between each team’s half of the map. Generally, the onus is on the attackers (to capture neutral space) and (on Fracture) the pressure is on defenders to push out and take space.”

But despite the design philosophy, the dish area feels very punishing and Riot Games is working on changes to make it more viable to control as a neutral space. Despite the mixed opinions about Fracture, the map enabled some unique compositions with Neon breaking into the meta and becoming a popular choice on the map for both attackers and defenders.

There is currently no official date for when the changes will be out but Lansford said that we should look forward to the reworked map “soon”. The next major content update is scheduled for 18th October which is when ‘Mage’ (Varun Batra) is expected to arrive. The new Fracture rework may also be included in the update.

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