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Valorant Episode 5 Act I Introduces New Map and ‘Ascendant’ Rank

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Episode 5 Act I will add a new 'Ascendant' rank and there are some major ranked changes coming as well.
Split is being removed and Peal is being added as part of a new seven-map pool for unrated and competitive.
A new agent is also expected to release in a later act of Episode 5.

Valorant Episode 5 Act I is set to go live on 22nd June 2022 and there are some massive changes coming to Valorant which will change the game forever. A new map, the removal of Split from the competitive queue, and a new ‘Ascendant’ rank are just some of the changes coming to Episode 5. Down the line, we can also expect a new agent to be added during one of the later acts of Episode 5. Here is everything you need to know about the new update.

Valorant Episode 5 Act I: New Pearl Map

Valorant patch 5.0 introduces a brand-new map ‘Pearl’ which is the eighth map to be released in the game. Riot Games also revealed that moving forward, there will be a seven-map pool and Pearl will be a part of Unrated and Competitive queues as well as Valorant esports. Split will be removed indefinitely but it will be available in modes outside of unrated and competitive.

There will be an exclusive Pearl-only queue available for two weeks starting 22nd June, after which the game will be available in ranked mode. Players should take advantage of this mode to learn the map and its callouts so they can get accustomed to it once it is added to ranked mode.

New Ascendant Rank

Valorant patch 5.0 is adding a new Ascendant rank above Diamond and below Immortal. Riot Games revealed in the official Episode 5 Act I blog, “When we were looking at rank distribution, we realized that if we were to move some of you up and out of those lower ranks, it would overpopulate Platinum and Diamond. So by adding a new rank we can better distribute you across ranks, keep the prestige of high ranks, while helping better define the skill level of each rank.”

The new update moved the rank matchmaking rating (MMR) targets that determine rank down, due to the addition of the new Ascendant rank, for all ranks below Ascendant. The developers also moved up the ranked target for Immortal 1/2/3 and Radiant . MMR targets determine your ranked rating (RR) gains and help push your rank to match your MMR.

Other changes in the update to competitive include:

  • Grouping restrictions for Ascendant are 3 ranks above or below the Ascendant ranked player

  • The highest placement allowed has increased to Ascendant 1 (previously Diamond 1)

  • Five stacking 25% RR penalty now starts at Immortal 1 (previously Diamond 3)

  • Solo/Duo/5-stack restriction now starts at Immortal 1 (previously Diamond 3)

  • Due to a naming clash with the new rank, Riot has renamed Sage’s tier 8 Agent Contract unlock to Dauntless.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Haven that was preventing players from using their spray on a wall in A Garden

  • Fixed a bug where Jett could equip a weapon during Tailwind

  • Fixed a bug where Agents revealed by Sova’s Recon Bolt or Fade’s Haunt would sometimes briefly appear in an incorrect location on the minimap

  • Fixed a bug where the scope visual effect would sometimes disappear when aiming with Chamber’s Tour De Force

Game System Changes

  • Fixed a bug where using an Ultimate point orb or defusing the Spike at maximum range could cause channeling and progress bar animations to flicker

  • Fixed a bug where the use channeling progression bar does not update if the player disconnects and reconnects during the match

  • Fixed a bug where some weapon equips could play the wrong equip speed animation, which could visually misrepresent when you were able to fire. Some situations impacted by this bug were:

    • Cypher exiting Spycam

    • Capturing Ultimate point Orbs

    • Canceling and completing Spike plant

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