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Valorant Doodle Buds Bundle: Details, Price, Release Date

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The Valorant Doodle Buds bundle is available for the next three weeks.
The new skins feature characters from Valorant and League of Legends.
Securing kills with the skins starts coloring the doodles and five kills fully colorizes the skins.

Riot Games is introducing its latest skin lineup that features not only Valorant agents but also champions from League of Legends. The skin lineup was partially inspired by 100 Thieves’ senior designer Gregory “Seso” Ortiz who shared the concept art of the Doodle Vandal in February 2022. Ortiz revealed that Riot Games contacted him to work on the skins included in the new bundle.

Valorant Doodle Buds Bundle Overview

The new bundle falls in the premium category which means that the bundle will set you back by 7,100 Valorant Points (VP). All of the weapon skins included in the bundle start off with black and white outlines like a coloring book. Securing kills with the weapons adds color to the skins and getting five kills fully colors the skins.

Here’s what’s included in the new bundle:


  • Doodle Buds League of Legends Card

  • Doodle Buds Agents Card

  • Doodle Buds Tactifriends Card


  • Doodle Buds Tactifriends Spray

  • Doodle Buds League of Legends Spray

  • Doodle Buds Agents Spray

Weapon Skins

  • Doodle Buds Ares

  • Doodle Buds Phantom

  • Doodle Buds Shorty

  • Doodle Buds Marshal

  • Doodle Buds Stinger

Like other Valorant skins, the Doodle Buds collection also has three variants. You have the Valorant variant, the Tactifriends variant, and the League of Legends variant. Characters like Teemo, Ahri, Draven, Jinx, and Tahm Kench are featured on the bundle in the League of Legends variant of the skin.

Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Prices

The entire bundle will cost you 7,100 VP which will cost you around $60 but the price will vary depending on your region. You can get the skins individually for 1,775 VP each if you do not want the entire bundle. Here is the price breakdown for the new skin lineup:

  • Skins - 1775VP

  • Player Card - 375VP

  • Spray - 325VP

  • Bundle Price - 7100VP

Valorant Doodle Buds Release Date

The skins are available starting today and they are expected to be in the Store until 5th May.

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