Valorant Deadlock: What Country Is The Agent From?


Valorant Deadlock: What Country Is The Agent From?

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Ever since Riot Games started dropping hints of an upcoming agent, fans have been speculating about their origins.
Valorant's newest Sentinel Deadlock hails from Scandinavia.
Riot has confirmed her country of origin in a tweet today.

Riot Games has been dropping hints of a brand new agent Deadlock, coming to Valorant for some time now. With only a few days remaining before Deadlock debuts in Valorant, fans have been growing increasingly curious about their origins and abilities. While her lore currently remains unknown, Riot Games has dropped a trailer for the fifth Sentinel coming to the game along with confirming which country Deadlock is from. 

Valorant Deadlock details: What country is the agent from? 

Riot Games has confirmed in a tweet that Valorant's new agent Deadlock is from the country of Norway. The Sentinel is seen using her arsenal of cutting-edge Nano-wire tech in the Deadlock gameplay trailer: 

Fans had been speculating about Deadlock’s origins since her first teasers were dropped. Keen-eyed fans were quick to point out that the items featured in her teaser, including coffee, stroopwafel (a thin waffle of Dutch origin) and Brunost, a tan-colored 'whey cheese' with a distinctive caramel flavor, native to Norway. 

Deadlock’s teasers also featured white, snowy landscapes and Northern Lights which pointed towards Scandinavian origin. 

When is Deadlock coming to Valorant?

Deadlock is expected to join the Valorant Roster on 27th June, 2023 with the upcoming Episode 7 Act 1 update. 

Valorant Deadlock Abilities

Riot Games released a Deadlock gameplay trailer a little while ago showing off her abilities: 


Equips a GravNet grenade which detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught in its radius to crouch and move slowly for a short duration. 

Sonic Sensor (Q)

Deploys a Sonic Sensor which locks on to a surface and turns invisible. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sound. Enemies who go past it making too much sound (footsteps, firing weapons etc.) get concussed for a short duration. 

Barrier Mesh (E)

Sets up a Barrier Mesh which generates translucent barriers from its point of origin. These block character movement into quadrants while allowing projectiles, like bullets, to go through. 

Annihilation (X)

When deployed, her ultimate Annihilation sets up a Nanowire Accelerator which throws out wires which capture the first enemy it comes in contact with. This enemy gets cocooned in nanowire as they are pulled along the wire path. They are instantly killed if they reach the end of their path. 

The cocooned enemy cannot free themselves, they needs to be freed by their teammates who can fire and destroy at the cocoon. 

Check out Deadlock’s abilities in action in her official gameplay trailer released by Riot Games down below:

Riot also released UNMADE, the Episode 7 cinematic, detailing Deadlock’s origins at the Finals of Valorant Masters Tokyo.

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