Valorant Convergence 2023: Global Esports Wins Third Map Thriller Against FURIA


Valorant Convergence 2023: Global Esports Wins Third Map Thriller Against FURIA

Finally, a moment for the Indian fans to cherish and celebrate.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The last group stage match of Valorant Convergence 2023 took place between Global Esports and FURIA Esport.
An exciting best-of-three series took place between the two teams across Sunset, Breeze, and Haven.
Different players stood out for Global Esports across the three maps, taking on responsibility at different junctures of the match.

Indian audience finally had a moment to celebrate as Global Esports defeated FURIA Esports in the last group stage match of the Valorant Convergence 2023.

Both teams gave their absolute best to not go back home empty-handed from the tournament, resulting in a thrilling series where blows were exchanged back and forth.

In the end, things boiled down to a third map decider where Global Esports was able to swing things in their favor, walking away victorious as the crowd celebrated their win in jubilation.

Global Esports Closes Out Valorant Convergence 2023 Group Stage With Exciting Win Over FURIA Esports

It had been a mellow outing for the Indian fans and teams up until the penultimate day of the Valorant Convergence 2023. True Rippers had marked its exit without a win and Global Esports was down 1-0 following the loss against Team Vitality.

However, things were about to change as Global Esports took on FURIA Esports in the final match of the group stage. Both teams were charged to bag a much-needed win despite knowing very well that the outcome would not qualify them for the grand finals.

Sunset | GE vs FURIA | 13-8

Global Esports had suffered a hard loss on Sunset against Team Vitality who was quick to adjust to their fast-paced playstyle and countered them effectively.

This did not hinder them from picking the map once again and they went in with the same confidence. The playstyle was more or less the same, but the players did not overextend like last time, playing to their strengths and attaining a comfortable 13-8 victory.

Russel "Russ" Mendes was the player to look out for on this map with his aggressive Gekko plays. Hammering the opposition with a merciless barrage of utility coupled with an impeccable aim.

Breeze | GE vs FURIA | 12-14

This might have been FURIA's map pick but it was Global Esports who managed to win the race to map point. Unfortunately, they were not able to cross the finish line despite having a two-round deficit and ended up giving the advantage away during overtime.

Leonardo "mwzera" Serrati was the standout player on this map with his superb performance on Jett. He was formidable with the Operator but his rifling skills were no less which made him a threat at all points of the game.

Haven | GE vs FURIA | 13-11

FURIA was in a comfortable 8-4 lead at the halfway stage of the game, putting on a dominating performance as attackers which left Global Esports in a strenuous situation as the teams switched sides.

Someone had to take on the responsibility of going in and getting the job done. This is when Niko "polvi" Polvinen decided to step up for his team and went on an entry frenzy with Jett to win GE some crucial rounds.

The energy rubbed onto other players as well and with the momentum on their side in a matter of a few rounds Global Esports was past the finish line, ecstatic to have won the match and with it the series.

The victory did not result in Global Esports qualifying for the grand finals as Team Vitality had already cemented its slot following back-to-back wins.

However, it made sure that Global Esports did not go back from this tournament empty-handed, a result that would have been devastating for the Indian supporters, to see both the local teams at the bottom.

It was a moment of celebration as chants of GE Fighting were heard across the venue and livestream chats.

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