Valorant Champions Tour 2024: New Teams, Region, Events, Championship Points


Valorant Champions Tour 2024: New Teams, Region, Events, Championship Points

Plans for the next season have been laid out.

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Riot Games has announced the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 along with overall plans and some details.
VCT 2024 will witness the arrival of three new teams, a new region, and introduction of championship points.
VCT 2024 will also feature a year-round Challengers circuit and a new kick-off tournament to begin the season.

Riot Games is all set for the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 (VCT 2024) which will kick off in January. The next competitive season will witness new teams joining the franchise along with a new region, introduction of championship points, international tournaments popping up in new locations, and much more.

The overall plans, changes, and enhancements have been revealed to elevate competitive Valorant in its fourth year of operation.

Talking about the VCT 2023, Leo Faria - Global Head of Valorant Esports, says that, "We’re extremely proud of what we accomplished this year, in particular how our teams stepped up to promote the sport and their players, and we’re eager to unlock more opportunities in 2024 to highlight the best in the game. We’re making changes to the season design and scope of our events for better progression, expanding our global footprint, and creating new ways for players and fans to experience VALORANT.”

Here is a quick look at what you can you expect to see and experience next year in VCT 2024

Riot Games Announces Valorant Champions Tour 2024

The VCT 2024 is going to have a new starting tournament to start the season, three new teams joining the franchise, one new region joining the official league, Challengers taking place throughout the year, and the introduction of Championship Points.

VCT 2024: Kick Off Tournament

The next competitive season will start with a two-week tournament for each international league. It will narrow down a total of eight teams that will go on to compete in Masters Madrid, the first global tournament of 2024.

This will also be the first time ever that VCT will be hosted in Spain, where it shall be determined which is the best team at the top of the year.

VCT 2024: Complete Tournament Calendar

VCT 2024: Challengers Covers Entire Season

VCT Challengers, which are the essential stepping stones that allow teams and players to elevate themselves to the international stage, will expand its footprint by operating year-round.

The VCT Challengers will also introduce an innovative team affiliation and player loan system, unlocking increased player flow between International Leagues, Challengers, and Game Changers.

In addition, the new Premier mode will become the foundation of Valorant's journey to reaching the professional level, providing players with an entry point into the VCT directly through the game.

VCT 2024: Three New Teams Join International Leagues

The number of teams competing in each region will undergo an increment with the winners of the Ascension tournament from last year joining the respective International Leagues for VCT 2024.

  • VCT 2024 Americas League: The Guard

  • VCT 2024 EMEA League: Gentle Mates

  • VCT 2024 Pacific League: Bleed Esports

These are the three Valorant teams that have secured a two-year promotion to the international leagues.

VCT 2024: Three New Teams Join International League

VCT 2024: China Becomes Fourth International League

The competitive opportunities will expand to China along with the start of VCT 2024, becoming the fourth international league besides Americas, EMEA, and Pacific.

Valorant officially released in China earlier this year and the local teams have already shown the potential the region currently holds. Hence, it has also been revealed that Shanghai will host the second Masters tournament of VCT 2024.

VCT 2024: Introducing Championship Points

Along with VCT 2024, a dynamic season structure will be revealed that introduces the concept of Championship Points. These will be used as unifying mechanisms across all international leagues, qualification mechanisms for global tournaments, and will serve as a measure of each team's performance.

Here is everything that has been planned for the Valorant Champions Tour 2024. More details about the respective tournaments and other qualifiers will be revealed and shared as we move closer to the next competitive season.

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