All VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON Tournaments In APAC: Schedule, Format, Location, More


All VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON APAC Tournaments: Schedule, Format, Location, More

The competitive action for the year is far from over.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Riot Games has announced an initial list of Valorant tournaments for the VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON APAC.
Complete or partial information of about 15 tournaments has been released for the VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON APAC.
Here are the complete details for all the Valorant tournaments that will be part of the VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON APAC.

The competitive circuit is far from over as Riot Games has shared an initial list of tournaments that will be part of the upcoming VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON across three main regions - Americas, EMEA, and APAC (Asia Pacific).

This OFF//SEASON will start shortly after Valorant Champions 2023 and continue taking place till January 2024. There will be a lot of local action with each region following its own schedule and tournament.

All of it will be supported by Riot Games through their social channels and a dedicated page that will contain updated information about everything.

Here are complete details about the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 OFF//SEASON tournaments that will take place in APAC, including information about schedule, format, location, livestream, and more.

VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON APAC Tournaments: Complete Details

The second half of the year will witness multiple OFF//SEASON tournaments, providing teams a chance to form, adjust, and test their Valorant lineups, while organizers get to experiment with new and unique formats.

For 2023, Riot Games has partnered with tournament operators from around the world to organize more than 40 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) OFF//SEASON events including show matches, open qualifiers, and LAN completions across the three regions.

Mineski VxV 2023

Location: Philippines

Format: Online Qualifiers | LAN Main Stage


  • Qualifier: 18th to 27th Aug

  • Groups: 8th Sep to 15th Oct

  • Knock Out: 18th to 29th Oct

  • Finals: 5th Nov

Venue: TBD, Manila, Philippines


CEASE//FIRE All Star Showmatch

Location: Philippines

Format: Offline

Schedule: 19th Nov

Venue: Manila, Philippines

Teams: Team Secret, International All-Star Team


  • Cosplay Competition

  • Meet and Greet

  • Influencer Showmatch

  • Live Music Performances

  • Stage Programs

  • Valorant Merchandise


Asia Pacific Predator League Grand Finals

Location: Philippines

Format: LAN Finals

Schedule: 13th to 14th Jan, 2024

Venue: Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines


Red Bull Home Ground

Location: Japan


  • Qualifiers (No Broadcast): 11th to 14th Sept

  • Qualifiers (Broadcast): 22nd to 24th Sept

  • Offline: 3rd to 5th Nov

Venue: Ryōgoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena, Tokyo, Japan


AfreecaTV Valorant League

Location: South Korea

Date: 5th to 10th Dec

Venue: Afreeca Colosseum, South Korea


TEN Valorant Global Invitational

Location: South Korea

Dates: 7th to 8th Oct

Venue: Busan E-sports Arena (BRENA), Busan, South Korea


Penta Pro Series - Valorant | Season 2

Location: India

Format: Online Qualifiers | LAN Finals at Mumbai


  • Open Qualifier: 25th to 29th Oct

  • Group Stage: 7th to 20th Nov

  • Playoffs: 9th to 10th Dec

Venue: TBD, Mumbai, India


Valorant India Invitational 2023

Location: India

Format: LAN

Schedule: 24th to 26th Nov


TEC Challenger Series - Official VCT OFF//SEASON Event 2023

Location: India

Format: Online Qualifiers | LAN Finals

Schedule: 2nd to 3rd Sept

Venue: GMC Balayogi Sports Complex, Hyderabad, India


FFL Resort in Okinawa Ver.Valorant

Location: Japan

Dates: 13th to 15th Oct

Venue: FFL Resort, Okinawa, Japan



Location: Japan

Date: 18th Nov

Venue: e-Create Space, Esports Studio, Shibuya CIty, Tokyo, Japan

Japan Hype Up Tour

Location: Japan


  • Location 1: 2nd Oct

  • Location 2: 3rd Oct

  • Location 3: 11th Nov


  • Osaka, Japan

  • Nagoya, Japan

  • Shibuya, Japan

The Valorant Sensational Social Summer Shindig

Location: Oceania Region

Format: Online

Schedule: 8th to 10th Sept


The Liquid Open by IMC

Location: Australia and New Zealand

Format: Online

Schedule: 9th to 12th Oct | 19th to 22nd Oct


XP Esports

Location: Oceania Region

Format: Offline

Schedule: 4th Oct, 18th Oct, 1st Nov, 15th Nov, 22nd Nov

Venue: Local LAN Centers, Queensland


The Nerdpunt Invitational

Location: Oceania Region

Format: Online


  • 15th to 17th Sept, 22nd to 24th Sept, 28th to 30th Sept

  • 1st Oct, 27th Oct, 28th Oct, 29th Oct


Valorant Game Changers OCE

Location: Oceania Region

Format: Online

Schedule: 11th to 12th Nov, 18th to 19th Nov


So far, about 17 Valorant tournaments associated with the VCT 2023 OFF//SEASON have been announced by Riot Games for the APAC region. More could be added after the world championship or at a later point in time, so keep a look at this page as everything will be tracked and updated as soon as more information is available.

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