Valorant Champions 2024 Will Take Place In Seoul, South Korea

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Valorant Champions 2024 Seoul

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Riot Games

Valorant Champions is the World Championship for Valorant esports.
Every year, Riot Games hosts the end-of-the-year tournament in a different location and this year, the competition is headed to South Korea.
Riot Games officially announced that Valorant Champions 2024 will take place in Seoul, South Korea.

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is the esports tournament series for Valorant and it runs multiple events throughout the season which eventually culminates in Valorant Champions. Valorant Champions is the World Championship for Valorant esports where the top teams from around the world compete for the lion's share of the prize pool, bragging rights, and the coveted trophy.

Riot Games, on 17th February, announced that Valorant Champions 2024 would be hosted in Seoul, South Korea this year. It said in a press release, "All roads lead to Champions. After multiple events throughout the year, we’ll see the best 16 teams come together in Seoul for the final event of the 2024 VCT season."

Valorant Champions 2024 To Be Hosted in Seoul

The VCT 2024 has officially begun with the Kick Off tournaments. This season boasts 44 of the best teams in the Valorant competitive ecosystem across four International Leagues including Americas, China (CN), Europe, Middle East & Africa [EMEA], Pacific.

Fans will get to watch their favorite teams battle through the Kickoff Tournament, two International League Stages, and two Masters events before Valorant Champions 2024.

The Roadmap to Valorant Champions 2024 is as follows:

  • International Leagues Kickoff: 16th February to 3rd March

  • Masters Madrid 2024: 14th to 24th March

  • International League Stage 1: 3rd April to 12th May

  • Masters Shanghai 2024: 23rd May to 9th June

  • International League Stage 2: 15th June to 21st July

  • Valorant Champions 2024 Seoul: 1st to 25th August

Talking about Valorant Champions 2024 in particular, Riot Games said, "Champions will take place over three weeks, pitting the best teams from around the world against each other to determine the 2024 VCT World Champion!"

The publisher also noted that this year there is an expanded roster of teams and competitive talent around the world. It added, "This season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in VCT history."

Usually, Valorant Champions 2023 format was as follows and fans can expect to see a similar one this time around as well:

Group Stage:

  • Four groups of four teams in a double-elimination (GSL) format.

  • All matches are best-of-three (BO3)

  • The top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs


  • Double-elimination bracket

  • All matches (excluding the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final) are best-of-three (BO3)

  • The Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final are best-of-five (BO5)

Additionally, there will likely be drops and other goodies that fans can get their hands on during Valorant Champions. The drop rewards usually include a player title, a player card, and a spray cosmetic.

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