A Killjoy turret bug forced a round reset during the XSET vs FPX series in Valorant Champions 2022.


Valorant Champions 2022: XSET vs FPX Killjoy Turret Bug Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A high-impact bug surrounding Killjoy’s turret forced a round reset during the XSET vs FPX series in Valorant Champions 2022.
Despite the reset and the game getting pushed into overtime, FPX won the map again and eliminated XSET from the tournament.

The playoffs between NA’s (North America) XSET and EMEA’s [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), at first, ended with a 2-1 scoreline in favor of FPX. However, Riot Games forced a round reset for the final round after noticing that a Killjoy turret bug impacted the decisions made by XSET. Following this, the round was replayed and XSET took the win but subsequently lost in the overtime of the series again. As a result, FPX defeated XSET twice at Valorant Champions 2022, due to the Killjoy turret bug.

What was the Killjoy turret bug that impacted the XSET vs FPX decider?

The series between XSET and FPX was do-or-die for both teams since a loss would see the team out of Valorant Champions 2022. All three maps were extremely close: Pearl (13-11 won by XSET), Bind (13-10 won by FPX), and Ascent (16-14 won by FPX). The third map originally ended without overtime as FPX managed to defuse the spike in the last round after killing all the members of the NA team. However, a Killjoy turret bug impacted how the last round played out originally. 

In the 24th round on Map 3 Ascent, XSET planted the spike on A site near the generator. The post plant numbers favored XSET as it had three members alive and only two were alive on the side of FPX. Both the members of FPX were stationed at A Garden which was being watched by XSET Rory "dephh" Jackson. However, the turret saw FPX Kyrylo "ANGE1" Karasov at Garden for a split second as he backed away and got immediately bugged and started shooting in the direction of A Rafters. As a result, dephh turned away from Garden and watched Rafters, and using this gap, FPX members pushed in and collected all the kills. They defused the spike and won the game 13-11.

However, there were talks on social media about the Killjoy turret being bugged and about the round being replayed. Dexerto’s Declan McLaughlin confirmed on Twitter that the production informed that the last round would be replayed.

Following this, Riot Games also released a statement that read, “In the final round of the match, a bug caused the Killjoy turret to fire in the wrong direction. This resulted in false information that directly lead to an XSET player looking in the wrong direction and had a high level of potential impact on XSET losing the round and match. The final round will be replayed.

The match was restarted at 12-11 and the teams had the same guns as the initially bugged round. However, this time around XSET entered the B Site, won the round, and pushed overtime where it ultimately lost.

Now, XSET has been eliminated from Valorant Champions and OpTic Gaming is the only NA team left standing at the tournament. The following teams have been eliminated so far in the playoffs:

  • Leviatán

  • Team Liquid

  • Fnatic

  • XSET

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