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Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass - Skins, Price, How to Get

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Valorant Act 3 Episode 3's new battle pass will be available starting 2nd November, 2021.
There will be a free tier with an optional upgrade option for 1,000 Valorant Points ($10).
The new pass items are themed around Halloween, New Year and the winter holidays.

Valorant Act 3 Episode 3’s Battle Pass will be available starting 2nd November and with it being the last BP of the year, Riot Games had themed the cosmetics around the end-of-year traditions like Halloween, New Year and the winter holidays. Valorant’s Associate Art Director said in the official battle pass reveal that this time around, players will be getting matching accessories for their skins, which is something players have been requesting for a while.

How much will the new Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass cost?

The new battle pass is priced at 1,000 VP which means it will cost you roughly $10 to get it. It is value for money if you want to get Radianite points for upgrading your weapons and grabbing some exclusive skins along the way, but the battle pass is by no means necessary to play the game.

What do I get with the new battle pass?

There are both free and premium cosmetics that you can unlock with the new battle pass. To unlock the premium cosmetics you will need to purchase the battle pass and it will give you access to premium currencies, skins and more.

Here is everything that you will unlock for free with the new battle pass:

Aero Frenzy - Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass

  • Aero Frenzy skin with variants

  • Edible Ornament Gun Buddy

  • Get the Picture Gun Buddy

  • Kingdoms Divided Player Card

  • Plant Plant Spray

If you decide to purchase the premium pass, here is everything you will get:

Genesis Arc Melee - Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass

  • Genesis Arc Melee

  • Aero Phantom skin with variants

  • Genesis Operator skin

  • Goldwing Ghost skin

  • Dumpster Fire Gun Buddy

  • Winner Winner Gun Buddy

  • Versus // KAY/O + Brimstone Card

  • Unstoppable // Viper Card

  • Turn it Up, Rudy Spray

There will also be some Radianite Points up for grabs if you complete the premium pass. Riot Games typically includes 20 RP in the battle pass which by itself costs around $15.

How long will the new battle pass be available for purchase?

The new battle pass will be available starting 2nd November 2021 and it will be available until 22nd November 2021. You will have ten weeks to complete all of your quests after which, all limited-time items can no longer be obtained.

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