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Russian and Belarusian Orgs Banned From Competing in Apex Legends and FIFA Esports Competitions

Abhimannu Das
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Ubisoft and EA have banned Russian teams from competing in their esports events for Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends and FIFA.
Players who reside in Russia or Belarus have been barred from competing in the Apex Legends Global Series unless they relocate by 20th March.
Ubisoft has not placed any restrictions on Belarusian players and it will allow organizations to compete using neutral banners.

EA and Ubisoft have taken the decision to ban Russian teams from their esports competitions. In addition, EA has also barred Belarusian organizations from participating in the event. Due to the ruling, Apex Legends, FIFA 2022, and Rainbow Six Siege events will be affected. Ubisoft has not revealed any format or regulation changes for other titles like Brawlhalla. Both publishers have allowed players to compete independently. Riot Games on the other hand has not barred Russian organizations like Gambit Esports from participating. But Russian teams have been asked to compete under a neutral banner.

EA is restructuring its esports events due to the conflict

EA revealed in an official statement that it stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and it wants the conflict between the nations to end. Players from Russia and Belarus will not be able to compete in the ongoing Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) and FIFA 22 Global Series events. When it comes to the FIFA competitive scene, the spots that were occupied by competitors from Russia and Belarus will be filled up by other players. Robert “Ufenok” Fakhretdinov of FC Lokomotiv Moscow is the only Russian player in the top-16 of the Global Series and it is unknown how his spot will be allocated.

On the other hand, the Apex Legends competitive scene in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa (EMEA) features multiple Russian teams and professional players. 30 out of the 120 players and 12 out of the 40 teams in the Pro League are Russian. As a result, EA’s restrictions will negatively impact a large number of players and they will be unable to compete.

There are also complicated cases where teams like Gambit Esports have players from both Ukraine and Russia, leaving them unable to participate. EA has a 20th March deadline for players to relocate out of Russia or Belarus which might not be possible for players. The community will find out how EA will handle the complications only after the EMEA circuit’s matches resume.

ALGS administrators have emailed participants who registered for the tournament series as residents of Russia or Belarus, informing them that players are ineligible to play in ALGS if they reside in Russia or Belarus. However, the tournament will allow competitors to compete if they reside in a different country outside of the two banned countries. All participants need to relocate by 20th March, if they wish to compete in the tournament.

Ubisoft is restricting Russian teams from participating in the Six Siege pro league

Ubisoft made a similar announcement today for its Rainbow Six Siege pro league. "In light of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, all official competitions on our games portfolio in Russia, such as the Russian Major League on Rainbow Six Siege are suspended. Russian players will still be able to compete in regional and international competitions if they choose to, but will be required to compete under a neutral banner,” the publisher stated.

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