Tyler1 Talks About His Riot Account & Accommodation in First Stream From Korea

Tyler1 says he ran into Midbeast at the hotel gym in Korea

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 has arrived in Korea and played Solo Queue on Day 1 of his challenge.
He stated that he will be playing on a Riot Games account that was already Level 30 with a Silver MMR.
Tyler1 also said that he will try and be less loud while streaming in the mornings.

Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp has finally arrived in Korea with his girlfriend and streamer Macaiyla to take on his auto-fill to Challenger run on the most competitive server in League of Legends Solo Queue. On 19th February, tyler1 reached Challenger on the support role, which was the shortest run for the League of Legends player and streamer. After achieving that feat, tyler1 had hit Challenger in all the five roles in the game.

Tyler1 talks about trying to be less loud

Tyler1 said that he was going to try and keep his volume to the minimum to be respectful to those around his accommodation. He said, “We are on this sweet room and we rented out all the rooms alongside of us. So people aren’t supposed to be able to hear me but bro, its like 5.50 am. It’s not beta. Guys, I’m being respectful.” He added that even when he’s just talking, he is very loud in general and that he’s going to be “a little bit quieter.

Tyler1 meets Midbeast at the gym

Tyler1 said that he and Macaiyla got their gym membership to work out while in Korea. When a viewer in chat asked him if it was the hotel’s gym, Tyler1 clarified that it was not and narrated how he ran into League of Legends streamer Drew “Midbeast” Timbs at the hotel gym. “Bro, I went to look at the hotel gym first. Guess who I see sitting there? What are the odds? It’s... What’s his name? Beast of Mid or Little Guy Mid? Midbeast, that’s his name. [he] was sitting on the bench when I went to go look at the hotel gym.

Midbeast and Tyler1

Playing on a Riot account

Tyler1 stated that he will be playing on a low elo (Low Skill) Riot Games account since he does not have time to level up to 30 from scratch. He stated that he already missed a day because of his flight getting delayed.

So this is gonna be a Riot account. I did not level it up myself. But it should be a low elo Riot account. It is not cheating,” said tyler1. He further explained that there are three kinds of Riot accounts – level one accounts, Silver MMR (Match Making Rating) accounts, and Diamond MMR accounts. He added that his Korean account 'Big Tonka T' is a silver one.

Currently, tyler1 and Macaiyla are staying at the same hotel where Midbeast, and other League of Legends streamers including Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni are staying. After Day 1 in Korea, tyler1 is Gold IV with a win-loss record of 19-2, according to OP.GG.

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