North American streamer and Udyr one-trick Trick2g played the new Udyr from Riot HQ and revealed the abilities


Trick2g Plays the New Udyr From Riot HQ, Reveals Abilities

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games revealed Udyr’s reworked gameplay on 5th August.
Trick2g, the famous Udyr one-trick, played the champion first from the Riot HQ and revealed the abilities and other details about Udyr in his video.

Those who have been playing and following League of Legends since its early days will know that North American streamer Timothy “Trick2g” Foley is synonymous with Udyr. The streamer is known as the Udyr one-trick or simply “Godyr” in the community and always puts out entertaining content and creative build path ideas for the players. He is infamous for his on-stream rages and his loud personality. Recently, Trick2g revealed that he was invited to the Riot Games HQ in California and that he played and tested out the newly reworked Udyr himself. Following the official trailer reveal by Riot Games, Trick2g posted a video on his YouTube channel that showcased all the abilities of Udyr and also fully revealed the champion, the splash art for the skins, and the in-game emotes, among others.

Trick2g video explains Udyr rework and new abilities

The video posted by Riot Games made it clear that Udyr would use the power of the Freljordian demigods in his abilities and while using them, Udyr narrates which power he is using. Trick2g’s video, on the other hand, shows how the abilities really pan out in-game. It looks like the streamer played the game with a bunch of Rioters from the office, who let him test out the newly reworked champion first-hand and gain insight as an Udyr one-trick.

The video stated, “Trick has been assigned to launch the new Udyr straight from Riot HQ. We are proud to present [to] you the new Udyr.

These are the ability descriptions that were shown in the Trick2g video:

Passive: Spirit Walker
Awakened Spirit: Instead of a traditional ultimate, Udyr has four basic abilities that swap between stances. Udyr can re-cast his stance during its cool down to Awaken it, refreshing it with bonus effects.

Monk Training: After using an ability, Udyr’s next two attacks within 4 seconds gain 30% increased attack speed and refund 5% of Awaken’s cooldown on hit.

Q - Wilding Claw (Volibear’s power)

Wilding Stance: Udyr gains 25% attack speed for 4 seconds. Udyr’s next two attacks in this stance maul the target to deal a bonus 3.2% max health physical damage.

Awaken: Grants 34% additional attack speed. During this time, Udyr’rs next two attacks call lightning to strike six times, each dealing up to 10.6% max health magic damage to isolated targets.

W - Iron Mantle (Power of the Iron Boar)

Mantle Stance: Udyr gains 63 shield for 4 seconds. Udyr’s next two attacks in this stance additionally gain 10% life steal and restore 12 health on hit.

Awaken: shield increased to 178 and Udyr regenerates 89 over 4 seconds. Stance Life on hit and life steal bonuses doubled during this time.

E - Blazing Stampede (Ornn’s power)

Stampede Stance: Udyr gains 30% move speed, decaying over 4 seconds. Additionally, Udyr’s attacks in this stance lunge at and stun targets for .75 seconds.

Awaken: Grants immunity to immobilizing and disabling effects and an additional 32% move speed for 1.5 seconds

R - Wingborne Storm (Anivia’s powers)

Storm Stance: Udyr Surrounds himself in a glacial storm for 4 seconds that deals 20 magic damage per second to nearby enemies inside and slows them by 15%. Udyr’s next two attacks in this stance deal 14 magic damage to enemies in the storm.

Awaken: Unleash the storm, causing it to seek a nearby. [Sic] Deals an additional 9.4% max health damage over the remainder of its duration.

Trick2g also previewed the new skin splash arts for the following skins:

  • Base skin

  • Black Belt Udyr

  • Spirit Guard Udyr

  • Definitely Not Udyr

  • Dragon Oracle Udyr

  • Primal Udyr

Riot Games is also very creative when it comes to leaving easter eggs through champion emotes and dances. Trick2g clicked on one of the emotes for the Spirit Guard Udyr skin and the champion mirrors the iconic shot of Marilyn Monroe’s holding down her White dress in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch.

With the ability reveal and the gameplay reveal already done, players can expect to see more information about Udyr’s release in the coming weeks.

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