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Top 3 S+ Rated Champions in LoL Patch 12.5

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends Patch 12.5 just dropped and people are figuring out which champions work best.
The top three S+ ranked champions early on in Patch 12.5 are Zeri, Tryndamere, and Ahri .
All the three champions have win rates above 50%.

It is always an exhilarating feeling to learn the way League of Legends is played with every new patch and climb the ranked ladder. With over 158 champions in the game, not all of them produce the same results when thrown into a ranked game. It is not the best feeling to see your favorite champion get nerfed, and perform poorly in terms of win rates in that patch.

LoL Patch 12.5 just dropped and as usual, people have been limit-testing different champions and new build paths. New patches have the potential to change the state of the game, both in esports and in Solo Queue.

The early win rates help gain insight into what can be expected from future patches, especially the buffs and nerfs. The statistics only reflect the current status of the new patch and will change over time.

Here are the top three champions that are rated S+ tier in LoL Patch 12.5, according to U.GG:

  1. Zeri

  2. Tryndamere

  3. Ahri

S+ rated champions

Bot-lane Zeri

At this point, the League of Legends community has lost count of the number of times Zeri has been nerfed. Ever since her release in Patch 12.2, she has been closely monitored by Riot Games. In fact, Lead Champion Designer August “August” Browning wrote on Twitter on 3rd March that Riot was looking to nerf Zeri even further since her win rates are still pretty scary.

Zeri is currently sitting on a win rate of 51.85% in Platinum and higher ranks. In over 30.9K games, her pick and ban rates are 14.3% and 55.5%, respectively. She also happens to be the most banned champion in LoL Patch 12.5.

Top-lane Tryndamere


Tryndamere is one of the most-annoying split-push champions in League of Legends. His R - Undying Rage has the potential to change the fate of every duel or team fight. He is extremely strong in lane, especially when his rage bar is filled up. He also has the ability to dish out a tonne of damage and heal up when he uses his Q - Bloodlust. His survivability helps him exert side-lane pressure and he can also take on ranged champions. However, Tryndamere is not that good if he falls behind and is low on gold. If enemies are tracking the cooldown of his ultimate, he can be prone to ganks and could potentially die.

Tryndamere has a win rate of 51.18% and his pick and ban rates are 7.7%, and 28.6%, respectively. These stats could probably be because of the recent trend of buying Hullbreaker on the top-lane and this item is pretty overwhelming on Tryndamere.

Mid-lane Ahri


Ahri was recently given a mini-rework by Riot. Following this, players started favoring the nine-tailed fox again and picked her up in the mid-lane. Ahri made her way into professional League of Legends esports as well. Before Patch 12.3 hit the servers, all Ahri could do was use her combos to burst down and slay enemies, but now she is swift on the rift and also has high sustain in the lane, giving her a bit of a safety net to fall back on.

Ahri was given nerfs in LoL Patch 12.5 following the massive success of her rework. Riot wrote in the patchnotes, “While we’re happy that players are charmed by Ahri’s refresh in 12.3, she’s been a little too strong since. We’re pulling some power out of her early game to reduce her overall strength.

Despite these nerfs, Ahri is listed as an S+ tier champion. Her pick and ban rates are 14.9% and 18.1% respectively. Her win rate currently stands at 51.94%

Regardless of skill tier and ranks, it is always good to understand what the current meta is and which champions are finding success. With all the information we have about Patch 12.6 and this current Public Beta Environment (PBE) cycle, we can expect to see some spicy changes lined up for League of Legends.

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