The Streamer Awards 2023 is an annual event that celebrates the achievements and accomplishments in the live-streaming industry.


The Streamer Awards 2023: Categories, Nominees, How to Vote

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The Streamer Awards is an annual event that celebrates the achievements and accomplishments in the live-streaming industry.
The event is hosted by QTCinderella and Valkyrae this year.
The Streamer Awards 2023 will take place on 11th March.

The Streamer Awards is an annual event that celebrates achievements and accomplishments in the live-streaming industry. The Streamer Awards 2023 is the second edition of this streamer-oriented awards show and is hosted by Blaire aka QTCinderella and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. The nominations for 2023 started in January when fans were asked to send in their favorite streamers for every category and on 20th February, QTCinderella announced the finalists for each category.

The Streamer Awards said, “We aim to honor individuals and groups who have not only worked hard to create great content for their viewers but, more importantly, have fostered entire communities that span the globe. To do this, we try to have a pulse on the community to showcase a diverse set of award categories that include a variety of games, types of content and communities.

There are 26 categories in total with new awards like Souls-like, Art streamer of the year, and a hidden gem category. Currently, fans can head over to The Streamer Awards website to vote for their favorite streamers across different categories. The winners will be decided based on a combination of fan votes (70%) and the panelists’ votes (30%) “to give a voice to fans but still maintain integrity.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Streamer Awards 2023.

The Streamer Awards 2023: Categories and Nominations 

Best MMORPG [massively multiplayer online role-playing games] Streamer

  • Asmongold

  • Boaty

  • Maximum

  • EsfandTV

Best Souls-like Streamer

  • MissMikkaa

  • Distortion2

  • Lobosjr

  • Lilaggy

Best Art Streamer

  • Rubber Ross

  • Meat Canyon

  • NeonBeat

  • Dyarikku

Best Strategy Game Streamer

  • K3Soju

  • Dkayed

  • Scarra

  • BoxBox

  • Gorgc

Best Chess Streamer

  • BotezLive

  • GM Hikaru

  • Anna Cramling

  • GothamChess

Best League of Legends Streamer

  • Caedrel

  • TheBausFFS

  • Dantes

  • LolTyler1

Best Battle Royale Streamer

  • Symfuhny

  • IItzTimmy

  • Nadia

  • Apricot

  • Clix

Best Music Streamer

  • Hakumai

  • ChrisnxtDoor

  • The 8Bit Drummer

  • TPain

Best FPS Streamer

  • Scump

  • SuperTF

  • Flats

  • Summit1G

  • Aceu

Best Speedrun Streamer

  • Pointcrow

  • Squeex

  • Wirtual

  • Simply

Hidden Gem Award

  • KingSammelot

  • Nixolay

  • Hello Neptune

  • Avghans

Best IRL [in-real life] streamer

  • JinnyTTY

  • FanFan

  • JakenbakeLive

  • JoeyKaoTYK

  • ExtraEmily

Best Roleplay Streamer

  • Fuslie

  • Fanum

  • Buddha

  • Zerkaa

Best Valorant Streamer

  • Tarik

  • Quarterjade

  • Shahzam

  • Kyedae

Best Minecraft Streamer

  • Tubbo

  • Foolish_Gamers

  • Quackity

  • Smallant

Rising Star Award

  • Frogan

  • Alluux

  • PrinceZamLive

  • Keeoh

Stream Game of the Year

  • Elden Ring

  • God of War Ragnarok

  • Valorant

  • Minecraft

Best Content Organization

  • VShojo

  • 100 Thieves

  • OTK Network

  • OfflineTV

Best Philanthropic Stream Event

  • Holiday Charity Week – The Roomies

  • 500 Mile Cyclethon – CDawgVA

  • Thinkmas – JackSepticEye

  • Build Against Cancer – DrLupo

Best VTuber

  • IronMouse

  • ShyLily

  • Veibae

  • Shxtou

Best Streamed Event

  • PointCrow Party

  • Mogul Chessboxing Championship

  • Jerma Baseball

  • Camp Knut

Best Just Chatting Streamer

  • Hasanabi

  • YourRageGaming

  • PayMoneyWubby

  • IronMouse

Best Variety Streamer

  • 39Daph

  • CDawgVA

  • Erobb221

  • IM_Dontai

  • xQc

League of Their Own Award

  • DougDougW

  • Ludwig Ahgren

  • Nmplol

  • Will Neff

Gamer of the Year

  • TenZ

  • IItzTimmy

  • Tarik

  • Aceu

Streamer of the Year

  • xQc

  • Kai Cenat

  • Jerma985

  • Hasanabi

How to Vote and Watch

The voting for the Streamer Awards 2023 is now open. You can go to the official website to cast your votes. However, you need to log in with your Google account first. You can also skip categories you do not wish to vote for or come back later to update your submissions. Note that the voting closes on 4th March. 

The Streamer Awards 2023 will be broadcasted live on 11th March and all the streamers will be attending the event. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the red-carpet interviews, live performances, premieres, and the awards ceremony on QTCinderella’s Twitch channel.

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