Team Liquid and Bjergsen parted ways on 11th November. However, the mid-laner might be stuck with Team Liquid for some more time, at least on Twitter. 


Thanks Elon!? Bjergsen Seems to Be Stuck With ‘Team Liquid’ Despite Parting Ways

Off-season just got interesting!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Team Liquid and Bjergsen parted ways on 11th November.
However, the mid-laner might be stuck with Team Liquid for some more time, at least on Twitter.

The off-season is in full swing across all regions in League of Legends esports and all eyes are on the four major regions - League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), League of Legends Pro League (LPL), League of Legends European Championship (LEC), and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). On 11th November, Team Liquid announced that it parted ways with veteran mid-laner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg after just one season. Bjergsen also announced his departure from Team Liquid and thanked the team and his fans for being welcoming and supportive. But the timing could not have been worse for the mid-laner as it looks like he is stuck with the “Team Liquid” tag on his Twitter account, thanks to Elon Musk’s new Twitter changes.

Bjergsen tangled in Twitter shenanigans 

Just days after singer Doja Cat had to beg new Twitter CEO Elon Musk to change her display name after it accidentally locked it as “Christmas,” League of Legends pro player Bjergsen seems to be caught up in the same problem. Pop Star Doja Cat tweeted, “I don't wanna be Christmas forever @elonmusk please help I've made a mistake," on 10th November.

Notably, ever since Musk took over the helm at Twitter, he has been rapidly making changes to the site’s verification program. The Verge recently reported that users who were previously verified under Twitter’s legacy policy can no longer change their display names, at least for the time being, to prevent parody accounts and impersonations.

On 11th November, Bjergsen wrote, “Wait I can't change my Twitter username? I'm so lost with all these Twitter changes…” The pro player’s display name on Twitter currently is TL Honda Bjergsen. 

One Twitter user commented under Bjergsen’s tweet, “Yeah, from what I’ve seen verified accounts can’t change their display names, in your case you’re stuck with TL honda XD

Bjergsen parts ways with Team Liquid

Bjergsen retired from professional play after the 2020 season and returned to the LCS as part of Team Liquid in 2022, alongside a stacked roster. The “LCS super team” was built around Bjergsen in hopes of making it to Worlds 2022 in hopes of a successful run. Unfortunately, that was not the case since Team Liquid failed to qualify for Worlds and was pushed to make roster changes after the LCS season. 

Team Liquid posted a video for Bjergsen and wrote on Twitter, “We'd like to thank @Bjergsen  for everything this past year. We had so many memories and fun experiences, now we're looking forward to see[ing] you continue on with your legacy.

Bjergsen replied, “Parting ways with @TeamLiquidLoL. Appreciate the TL fans for being so welcoming and supportive throughout my stay with the team❤️Excited to show you guys what is next soon!!

If Elon Musk does not make changes to the Twitter display name rules, this off-season might get confusing and funny since most of the verified players on twitter have their teams mentioned on their display names.

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