TFT Dragonlands Global Championship has an increased prize pool and a brand new Eastern LCQ. 


TFT Dragonlands Global Championship Changes: Prize Pool Increase, Eastern LCQ

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TFT Dragonlands Global Championship has an increased prize pool and a brand new Eastern LCQ. 
The tournament will start on 18th November and end on 20th November.

Riot Games has made changes to the upcoming Teamfight Tactics (TFT) World Championship which includes an increased prize pool, changes to the format and the addition of an Eastern Last Chance qualifier (LCQ). The TFT Dragonlands Global Championship will take place over three days starting on 18th November and ending on 20th November. The tournament will bring together 32 of the best players from 8 regions. The players will play remotely on the Tournament Realm.

TFT Dragonlands Global Championship Changes

During Set 5 titled Gizmos & Gadgets, the prize pool was increased from $250,000 USD to $300,000 USD. In Set 7, the total prize pool is getting another increase to $456,000 USD. Riot has also changed up the format a bit, wanting to put extra emphasis on the reward for high placement on the final day. As a result it has increased the prizes for the top two places.

TFT Dragonlands Global Championship updated prize pool.

All players who compete at the Dragonlands World Championship will earn at least $2,500.

TFT Dragonlands Global Championship Format

Points will be awarded for each player based on the results of each round with the first position player winning 8 points and the last position winning 1 point.

Day 1

Players will be split into groups of 8 and play 5 rounds each. The groups will be shuffled after the first two games. Now, all 32 players will advance from Day 1 to Day 2.

Day 2

Players’ points from Day 1 will be counted towards their position on Day 2. The top 8 players will advance from Day 2 to Day 3.

Day 3

The top 8 players will play in a checkmate format with the first player to earn 18 points and get first place in a round shall be crowned the TFT Dragonlands Champion.
Set Seven Worlds will also include the first Eastern region Last Chance qualifier that will include China, Korea, OCE, and Japan.

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