Team Secret Gemini 1k Daily SLP Giveaway Event Announced


Team Secret Gemini 1k Daily SLP Giveaway Event Announced

John Dave Rossel
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Team Secret Gemini announced a 1K SLP Airdrop that is currently ongoing in its official Discord server.
Participants must be a member of the Discord server for at least seven days to qualify for the event.
Winners will have 12 hours to respond or their reward is forfeited.

One of the popular guilds in Axie Infinity, Team Secret Gemini, announced that it shall be giving away up to 1k Smooth Love Potions (SLP) to its members every day. The event is currently ongoing and is available to members who are active in the official Team Secret Gemini Discord server of the community. SLP is an in-game currency for the popular non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity. The currency can also be converted to real-life currency through the Ronin Network which is also run by Sky Mavis, the developers behind the popular NFT game.

How to join the Team Secret Gemini 1k Daily SLP Airdrop Event

An airdrop is a term used in cryptocurrency communities to signify an event where tokens will be given away for free to random people or members of a community.

Axie Infinity players who are interested in joining the airdrop event of Team Secret Gemini can head to the official Discord server for a chance to win up to 1k SLP every day.

Here is how you can qualify for the event;

  • Join the official Discord server by following the link provided

  • Members will have to be active in text channels, the winner will be picked randomly, every day.

  • Participants must be a member of the official Team Secret Gemini Discord for at least seven days.

  • Gemini Scholars/Interns that have previously left the guild are not eligible to win.

  • You do NOT need to be a Scholar or Intern to win, everyone in this Discord is eligible

1K SLP Giveaway by Team Secret Gemini

The Giveaway Bot will be posting a giveaway every day. Interested members must react with the appropriate emoji to qualify for the raffle.

Giveaway Bot Preview

Winners will have 12 hours to respond. Failing to respond within the given time will result in disqualification and a new winner will be announced.

Team Secret Gemini has not yet revealed when the SLP airdrop event shall end. For now, members can participate in the event for a chance to receive up to 1K SLP per day.

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