When Is the Axie Infinity: Classic (V2) Season 21 Start Date?


When Is the Axie Infinity: Classic (V2) Season 21 Start Date?

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Axie Infinity Season 21 will start on 25th April and will last until 24th June.
There will be no balance changes in Axie Infinity Season 21.
This will be the final season before the Origin update will have its first competitive season.

The Axie Infinity: Classic (also known as V2) Season 21 will officially start on 25th April and will last until 24th June. Sky Mavis, the developers behind the popular non-fungible token (NFT) title stated that it will not be implementing any balance changes for this season. This will also serve as the final competitive leaderboard for the classic version before the Axie Origin update gets its first official competitive season. Both Axie Classic Season 21 and Origin’s early access phase will run simultaneously. Sky Mavis is considering moving the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards from Classic to Origin at some point but the exact date is yet to be determined.

Axie Infinity Classic’s final competitive season to start soon

The upcoming season will run similarly to the previous season as there will be no balance changes implemented. With no balance patches, players can keep playing with their favorite Axie team compositions and playstyles without having to worry about the meta shifting.

As competitive players can soon get busy with the upcoming season, Sky Mavis remains confident that it will not hamper the testing phase of the Axie Origin update.

Through a discord post, Sky Mavis wrote, “We’re confident that you [the players] will continue to test and give awesome feedback on Origin and that S21 won’t distract greatly from this process.”

As the Axie Infinity Season 21 will serve as a way for players to get busy Sky Mavis will be preparing the Axie Origin update’s tokenized leaderboard. This means that soon enough, the SLP earning may be moved to the Origin update along with an inaugural competitive season for the next big update for Axie Infinity.

Axie Origin’s Roadmap Revealed

While players prepare for the final competitive season for Axie Infinity Classic, Sky Mavis has revealed its roadmap for the Origin update. The post showcased what the developers are currently working on and the ideas that may be implemented in future updates.

According to the post, Sky Mavis is working on polishing the game implementing various bug fixes, and balancing tweaks while also looking to release a mobile version for the Axie Origin update.

The Axie Infinity Classic Season 21 will be the last time players shall experience the classic version before the game officially switches to a brand new game mechanic along with new ways to play the game, such as new game modes, in-game cards, traits, and more.

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