Team Fallacy  took part in Astral Clash but has been suspended by Galorants and Gen.G due to account sharing allegations


Team Fallacy Suspended After Player Allegedly Lets Boyfriend Take Over in a Women-Only Match

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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After being embroiled in account-sharing allegations, Team Fallacy has been suspended by the organizers of the Astral Clash tournament.
In its place, Native Gaming White will travel to Los Angeles for the main event.

Gen.G and Galorants teamed up to host a tournament for female-identifying players in North America. The tournament called Astral Clash saw some of the best Valorant players in North America compete, but one of the teams that participated is facing serious allegations of account sharing instances. The tournament organizers issued a competitive ruling on Team Fallacy following the accusations made against one of the players of the team. As a result, Fallacy has been suspended while Riot Games investigates the matter and Native Gaming White will take its spot in the Astral Clash Finals.

Gen.G issues a competitive ruling

On 29th July, tournament organizer Gen.G wrote, “During the Astral Clash Last Chance Qualifier, tournament organizers were notified of reports that suspected Team Fallacy of account sharing during tournament play. Due to the ongoing investigation led by Riot Games into this matter, the tournament organizers have made the decision to suspend Team Fallacy from participating in the Astral Clash Live Finals.”

As per the rules, Team Fallacy was not allowed to participate under the current conditions for the alleged breach of Riot Games’ Terms of Service (TOS) which prohibits players from sharing accounts. Additionally, violation of the rules and regulations of the tournament and Riot’s TOS will be subject to disciplinary action, noted Gen.G.

As a result, Team Fallacy members have been barred from participating in any Galorant tournaments or Astral Clash until the investigation concludes.

What are the allegations against Team Fallacy?

The allegations were originally detailed in a Google document, authored anonymously, in which Team Fallacy’s player MarsArxa was accused of letting her boyfriend, Valorant pro player Nate “payen” Lopez, play on her account for the entirety of the Astral Clash tournament. The document also posted a clip to back its claims: one where MarsArxa was in a one-vs-five situation against Dignitas during the Last Chance Qualifier for the tournament. The document read, “The clip shows her winning a 1v5 ace, in which she was greeted to a mediocre-at-best response from her team.

Additionally, the document also pointed out that the keybinds for abilities were different and that they were exactly the ones used by payen. It also brought up how the framerates shown in the clip and the past clips posted by Mars were different. Notably, the author also stated that payen was seen queueing with the entire team of Fallacy just a day before the tournament and that Mars was missing.

The legitimacy of these claims will be revealed once Riot Games’ investigation is complete. However, Astral Clash will continue with Native Gaming White traveling to Los Angeles, USA in place of Team Fallacy for the main event.

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