Spirit Blossom skins are one of the most aesthetically pleasing skin lines in League of Legends.


Syndra, Master Yi, Tristana & More Sport New Look in Spirit Blossom Skinline

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Spirit Blossom skins are one of the most aesthetically pleasing skin lines in League of Legends.
Last time around, in 2020, Riot Games did a full-fledged event for the release of the skinline along with Yone.
Now, the company has revealed nine more new skins for Spirit Blossom.

Born from the mystic power and history of Ionia, the Spirit Blossom Festival in League of Legends honors those who have passed, and the event will enchant the Summoner’s Rift, according to the lore. The skin collection and the event presented by Riot Games offer an alternate universe where the dead return to their loved ones during the Spirit Blossom festival. Notably, the champions featured in the Spirit Blossom stories are actual folklore characters from the ancient Ionian myths.

In 2020, Riot had an elaborate event in League of Legends where it introduced a new champion named Yone and skins for Yone, Ahri, Vayne, Thresh, Yasuo, Teemo, Kindred, Lillia, Cassiopeia, and Riven during the Spirit Blossom event.

Spirit Blossom skins 2022

On 16th September, Riot Games released a new trailer titled “Wandering Spirits” that featured Sett talking to his mother. The trailer had vibrant hues of pink, blue, and purple with sakura flowers strewn across different landscapes. Notably, the trailer also had a ton of easter eggs that pointed to other champions getting a skin in this thematic.

Without prolonging the suspense, Riot revealed the new Spirit Blossom skins that will soon be up for grabs in the store. There are a total of nine champions entering the Spirit Blossom universe and this shall take the total number of skins in this universe to a staggering 19.

The following are the new champions in the Spirit Blossom lineup:

  • Sett: The Spirit of Challenge

  • Aphelios: The Twin Spirits of Night

  • Syndra: The Spirit of Freedom

  • Evelynn: The Spirit of Love

  • Master Yi: The Spirit of Legacy and Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi

  • Tristana: The Spirit of Chance

  • Soraka: The Spirit of Pity

  • Darius: The Spirit of War

  • Yorick: The Spirit of Ruin

Notably, Sett mentions three spirits in the new trailer: Spirit of Legacy, Spirit of Chance, and Spirit of Freedom and the imagery shown in the video also represents Master Yi wielding his blade, Tristana seemingly perched on a tree, and Syndra with her orbs flying around her, respectively.

The Spirit Blossom skins are currently on the public beta environment (PBE) for testing and feedback, and hence players can expect to see them in the stores when LoL Patch 12.19 officially goes live on 5th October.

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