Swain Listed For A Mid-Scope Update in League of Legends

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Riot Games revealed that Swain would be receiving a mid-scope update in the coming days.
Earlier last month in March, Swain was slated for a few changes, which did not sit well with the community and was pulled back.
Swain’s mid-scope update would be done alongside champions Taliyah and Olaf.

Riot Games revealed that it would be giving Swain, the Noxian Grand General, a mini-rework through a mid-scope update soon. In March, the company announced that it was looking at mid-scope updates for champions Taliyah and Olaf, in an attempt to revive them and bring them back into meta. Riot has been successfully introducing these changes as in the case of other champions including Ahri and Janna, who were recipients of these mid-scope updates.

Swain is a champion who could be flexed into top, mid, or support roles. Upon release, Swain was a solid mid-laner, but, after his visual graphics update (VGU), he was pushed into solo lanes. Unfortunately, nerfs upon nerfs forced him to fit into the role of a support champion.

In March, Swain was slated for some changes in the Public Beta Environment (PBE), but after closely listening to player feedback, Riot Games took a step back and pulled him off the Public Beta Environment testing.

Following this, late on 7th April, Riot Games’ Principal Champion Designer August “August” Browning said on Twitter, “Along with Olaf and Taliyah, we're also working on a mid-scope update for Swain! @TheTruexy is the designer working on him. Will have more to share in future.

Swain changes that were on PBE in March

On 9th March, Associate Game Designer Tim “Truexy” Jiang shared the initial Swain changes on his Twitter handle. He wrote, “Some Swain changes that will be on PBE this week! Goals here are shifting power out of less satisfying places and into the spells that make Swain, well Swain. More spammable Q in the lane, and higher uptime on Ult.

Following are the changes that were listed:

  • Passive - Ravenous Flock - Damage removed

  • Q - Death’s Hand - Cooldown reduced from 9-3 seconds to 7-3 seconds

  • Q - Death’s Hand - Mana cost reduced from 65-85 to 50-70

  • R - Demonic Ascension - Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds at all ranks to 120 to 80 seconds

According to Jiang, the changes were made in an attempt to amp up Swain’s kit and help him both in the mid-lane and as support. “We expect it to be a small/mid-sized buff to Swain everywhere. Birds,” he added.

However, there was strong opposition from Swain players about the removal of his passive damage. The community called it a nerf since taking away Swain’s passive bonus damage would mean that he can no longer burst down enemies.

After continued criticism, on 11th March, Riot Games pulled him off of PBE. Jiang wrote, “Hey everyone. After more testing and feedback, we aren't satisfied with where we can get Swain on 12.6. We're pulling him off PBE to look at what we can do better for the player base. No expected patch date yet.

Nearly a month later, Riot has revealed its plans for Swain. Now, he will be getting a mid-scope update alongside Taliyah and Olaf. Riot’s other past updates in the same vein were champions like Xin Zhao, Sona, and Lucian. Browning explained that these changes are attempts to revitalize champions who have lost their luster over time and that “ideally they're something the players of those champs can be excited about!

Riot has not revealed the exact dates on which the Swain changes would be shipped. But given the fact that it has been churning out updates at a fast pace, it could be very soon.

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