Street Fighter 6 players are creating extreme avatars using the character creation feature. 


Street Fighter 6 Players Are Going Wild With the Character Creation

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Street Fighter 6 is currently in closed beta testing till 10th October.
Players have pushed the character creation feature in the game to the limit and come up with some wild creations.

The Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta went live yesterday 7th October and will continue till 10th October. Among the many features players are getting their hands on, the character creation of the Beta has unleashed the wild imagination of the internet. The game features Avatar/Character Creation where you can customize your avatar that appears in the Battle Hub when you play the game for the first time. Fans have been sharing their weird and wild creations on Twitter, perhaps in the spirit of spooktober. Among the many ‘normal’ characters one can expect there to be a number of monstrous creatures that will haunt your dreams. Here are some of the wild creations players are coming up with.

Street Fighter 6 players push the game’s character creation to the limit

Street Fighter 6 beta players have been making a number of…interesting choices when it comes to creating their Battle Hub avatars.

Some of the avatars look like they only ever did leg day.

While others looked like something out of Attack on Titan.

YouTuber Arekkz Gaming came out with a video exploring all the different options available in the tool:

Since players cannot remake their avatar during the Closed Beta, the artists of these whacky creations are stuck with them for now.

The beta also features 8 characters and a variety of different game modes. This includes some iconic Street Fighter staples like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Ken along with new additions like Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and Juri. Players are currently testing out Casual Matches, Ranked Matches, Battle Hub Matches, Open Tournaments, Training Mode, Hub Goods Shop, Extreme Battles (with daily updates), Game Center, Challenges, DJ Booth, and Photo Spot on a variety of stages.

Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay across PC, Playstation, and Xbox. Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a release date as of now but Capcom intends to launch it sometime during 2023. The closed beta test will continue for a couple of more days till 10th October, so we can expect a lot more, let’s say, imaginative character creations.

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