Xero Criticizes Axie Infinity Event Organizers for Mishandling Tournaments


Streamer Xero Criticizes Axie Infinity Event Organizers for Mishandling Tournaments

John Dave Rossel
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Xero points out some of the mistakes amateur Axie Infinity event organizers make when hosting tournaments.
The streamer also praised some of the professional Axie Infinity event organizers for hosting high quality tournaments.
Xero stated that he is open to helping new event organizers learn the best way to host and broadcast tournaments.

Axie Infinity streamer, Dawei "Xero" Teng, calls out amateur Axie Infinity Event Organizers for poorly organizing esports events for the Non-fungible token (NFT) game. Xero made a Twitter post stating how some event organizers host “badly-planned” tournaments which made it unfair for some players who are looking to participate in the event. The streamer also offered to aid new event organizers who are looking to learn the best way to host and broadcast an Axie Infinity esports event. Xero also gave praise to professional event organizers who have been hosting events with little to no issues.

Xero points out some of the mistakes amateur Axie Infinity event organizers make

Through a lengthy Twitter thread, Xero shared his thoughts on how event organizers should handle Axie Infinity tournaments. In the Twitter post, he wrote, “AxieInfinity and EsportsAxie have made a beautiful ecosystem around V2 that can test the very best of each player, but amateur organizers are making things difficult.”

Xero is a former manager of the Dota 2 teams Tigers and Team HighGround. He is also known for being a professional esports caster and organizer.

According to him, he has a lot of experience in hosting esports tournaments and has collaborated with various tournament organizers throughout his career. “In short, I know what I am talking about, overqualified even, and the string of badly-planned events over the past 2 months is shocking,” he said.

He added that Axie Infinity’s V2 (Also known as Axie Classic) and Origin has the potential to become one of the biggest esports titles in the world due to their global presence and unique advantages. “There is literally no other game title that allows you to compete against players from halfway across the world without ping issues,” he elaborated.

Despite this, Xero believes that there are a few downsides to Axie Infinity when it comes to hosting esports tournaments globally as planning such a large-scale event would require organizers to engage with the global community.

While he is aware of the challenges that event organizers shall face when hosting Axie Infinity events but there are a few things that he finds unacceptable and should be avoided by amateur organizers.

“You DO NOT, however, plan to waste 256+ players' time by planning to run your qualifiers 1 round per day. Most, if not all, competitors, want to get it done and over with.”

He also mentioned that players would need the option to field multiple Axies to add a much more diverse playstyle and strategy. “When you limit each player to 3 Axies or 1 team, you might as well duck race to find a qualifier, because the RNG there might be fairer,” he said.

Xero then stated that he is open to consultation for aspiring event organizers who are looking to learn how to properly host a tournament. The streamer only wishes to compete in a fair and much more organized environment.

Xero is willing to help event organizers host tournaments.

The Axie Origin update is still in its early access stage. However, fans are eager to experience Origin’s new mechanics and gameplay through a competitive esports environment. It will be interesting to see how this new update shapes the Axie Infinity esports scene.

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