SkRossi Talks About His Performance Against Vitality


SkRossi Reflects on His Performance Against Vitality at VCT LOCK//IN

Far from his best, but nothing short of an applause.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a post match conference, SkRossi spoke about his performance against Team Vitality.
Despite the loss, SkRossi was confident in his abilities and said that he was only able to show 40% of his potential.
SkRossi also mentioned that it was only a matter of time before he improves, "It is not over yet, it is only over when I give up, till then it is never over".

Global Esports made its international Valorant debut against Team Vitality yesterday on 23rd February at the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. The team was eliminated from the tournament following a '2-1' defeat but the performance was enough to prove that the players have potential to go big in the near future.

Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar also created history by becoming the first player from India to compete in an international Valorant tournament. He might not have delivered his absolute best, but the performance on Pearl was really solid, especially the quad-kill to close out the series.

During the post match conference, SkRossi reflected on his overall performance against Vitality and admitted that this was not a good performance from his side, "I think in this game I was only able to show like 40% of my potential. I know I can do so much better."

SkRossi talks about his overall performance against Team Vitality following international debut

A historic moment for the Indian esports community as SkRossi became the first player from the country to compete in an international tournament. Unfortunately, the match did not pan out the way that he wanted as Global Esports was eliminated from the tournament.

However, his performance did win him some praise, few highlight clips, and a whole lot of confidence that he can do much better going ahead.

"I know I can do so much better. It just comes with experience and more games at the big stages. I don't think this was a really good performance, I could have done much better is what I feel," said SkRossi, during the official post match conference, "I have the potential, I know it. It is just a matter of time that it comes out and it is not over yet, it is only over when I give up, till then it is never over."

Note: The specific segment starts from 00:45 onwards.

The best part is that SkRossi has realized the level of competition and knows that with more experience and practice he will be able to compete at the highest level.

Overall performance of SkRossi in the best-of-three series was as follows:

  • K/D/A - 29/45/19

  • Average Combat Score - 131

  • Average Damage per Round - 92

  • Headshot% - 36%

His best showing was on the second map, Pearl, where he clutched several rounds and even secured the map win for the side in a clip that has now gone viral. SkRossi played the role of an initiator with KAY/O in this particular game. He finished with an Average Combat Score of 202 and left his footprint on the global community.

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