SkRossi Talks About GE's Preparation For VCT LOCK//IN


SkRossi Talks About Global Esports Preparation for VCT LOCK//IN

A vote of confidence from the Indian Valorant star.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the VCT LOCK//IN Press Conference, SkRossi spoke about how prepared was Global Esports for the tournament.
SkRossi admitted that in comparison to some of the other teams present at the event they still lacked synergy.
He also said that the team had been practicing together since arriving in Brazil and that they were doing pretty good.

The day is finally here when Global Esports will be making its debut on the international Valorant stage, VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo, all set to take against the French organization Team Vitality.

During the recent press conference for the omega stage teams, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar shared his thoughts on how well-prepared Global Esports is for the tournament at hand.

The 25-year-old said that the lineup still lacked synergy when compared to some of the other teams at the event. Despite the team not being able to practice together from one location, they did pretty well during the scrim sessions.

SkRossi shares how prepared Global Esports is for the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo

The task of being the sole representative of the South Asian region comes with its own set of pressure and expectations. Global Esports has put in the effort to deliver the best possible performance, revamping its Valorant roster and providing the players with as much practice as possible.

Unfortunately, they were not able to bring their complete roster together under one roof but still managed to make the most out of the situation. It was only in Brazil when the team gathered for the tournament, where all players ended up meeting each other in person for the first time ever.

Talking about how well was Global Esports prepared to take on some of the best teams from across the world, SkRossi said "I think synergy wise other teams might have an advantage, but I didn't see any difference during all our practice games."

He further pointed out that the team had done pretty well during all the scrims, even when he was away from the rest of his team playing from India.

"We are just making some mistakes in the game but synergy wise we are doing okay, even when we are playing online. It did not bother us at all unless the ping was high of course," says SkRossi, "It was pretty good. Playing in Brazil now, we are all together in one room practicing since a couple of days. I think we are doing pretty good. The synergy is not bothering us at all."

Note: The related segment starts from 6:10 onwards.

All eyes will be on Global Esports as they take center stage in Brazil against Team Vitality later today on 23rd February at 22:30 IST. A victory will result in the team proceeding ahead in the tournament whereas a loss will lead to a direct elimination.

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