SkRossi and Lightningfast to Miss Another Week of VCT Pacific League Action

SkRossi and Lightningfast to Miss Week Three of VCT 2023 Pacific League

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The trio of SkRossi, Lightningfast, and Rushindra Sinha continue to face passport delays despite their visa being approved.
SkRossi and Lightningfast will be missing out on the week three action of VCT 2023 Pacific League as Global Esports takes on ZETA DIVISION.
According to the previous update shared by Rushindra, their visas were approved on 27th March but they still haven't received their passports.

Global Esports, the South Asian representative in South Korea is still hunting for its first victory on the international stage. The team delivered a strong performance against DRX last week.

Unfortunately, the Indian duo of Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar and Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury, will not be able to join the rest of the team in time for its third-week encounter against ZETA DIVISION on 9th April.

This is quite a blow for the organization and its fans who wanted to see the regional players in action on the big stage, helping out the team in their efforts at the VCT 2023: Pacific League.

VCT 2023 Pacific League: SkRossi and Lightningfast to miss out on week three action against ZETA DIVISION

Since the start of the Asia Pacific (APAC) regional Valorant league, Global Esports has been forced to compete with all the international members of its seven-player roster. Both SkRossi and Lightningfast have already missed out on two weeks of action against T1 and DRX, with only seven more matches remaining to be played out in the regular season.

Along with the two players, Rushindra "Salbatic" Sinha - CEO of Global Esports, is also stuck in this never-ending limbo of visa approval and passport delivery, both actions taking a lot more time than initially expected.

As per information publicly shared by Rushindra in the past, Global Esports has been on top of things from the beginning, following all the processes and doing their due diligence, but they are still facing continued delays.

The visa for all three has been approved but the passport delivery seems to be taking a very long time. Nine days have passed since Rushindra broke the news about having received the visa on 27th March.

Sadly, the frustration seems to have gotten the better of SkRossi who is generally composed. He took to Twitter for a bit of a rant expressing that he has never felt this useless before in his career, simply wasting time without competing in any event.

Sadly, it is the organization and its management that have faced the brunt of public displeasure, without them being at fault for any of this. Often facing flak and toxicity, largely from its regional supporters, for not having started the application process early, not having found alternate solutions, and other suggestions that fill their social media pages.

Rushindra Sinha gives a detailed update on the passport situation

The next update about the passport situation will be provided by Rushindra on Monday, 10th April. This means that Global Esports will be facing ZETA DIVISION with the same roster without any changes in its next match.

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