Shroud's thoughts on  changes to Fracture. 


Shroud Reviews Changes to Fracture, What Agents Won't Be Played

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Shroud was happy with the overall changes to Fracture.
Here are the agents he thinks will now have a hard time on the updated map.

Riot Games announced changes to one of Valorant’s newer maps Fracture coming up in 5.07. Sentinels Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek shared his thoughts on the changes to Fracture saying, “these are amazing changes”. Shroud had a lot of good things to say about the changes to the map. According to him, 'A' site has some of the best changes, however, he did note that 'A' Dish would now be easier to hold for defenders.

Shroud talks about changes to Fracture

Shroud was happy with the changes made to Fracture, calling many of the changes “cool” and “dope”. He talked about how some agents like Breach and Neon will now have a hard time on the updated map. The area between 'B' Arcade and the attacker side spawn being opened up prompted Shroud to say, “Breach and Neon ain’t going to be the play anymore”. He continued praising the changes saying, “that’s how all maps should be, they should be this f**king big. Everything should be this big”. According to the streamer, the changes at 'A' Drop will make playing Omen and Brimstone harder on this map because “smoking tower doesn’t do anything”. Similarly smoking 'A' Rope is also no longer a good option since enemies can just walk out of it onto the ledge.

The map’s corners were a good fit for Breach’s Fault Line stuns, especially for tight corners in places like 'A' Hall and 'A' Main. Since the area around 'B' Arcade and attacker side spawn have been opened up, Breach will no longer have this advantage. Breach and Neon were great for making plays on Fracture where Breach creates an opening with his utility and Neon rushes in.

Let’s look at some of the changes on Fracture

'A' Rope now has a narrower ramp with a small ledge created at the top that will let players get a peek into 'A' site. 'A' Dish, which used to have two ways to walk through towards 'A' Drop now has only a single pathway.

One of the changes to Fracture includes removing the divide at 'A' Dish. 

This makes holding and attacking through Dish easier than before. The area leading up to 'A' Drop now has an easier way to get up without being seen by enemies at 'A' Link.

The 'B' Bench area from Attacker Side Bridge has now been opened up. The area now has a giant ramp leading up to it. The path leading up to the 'B' site now has a ramp instead of a step when walking toward the site.

The awkward step towards 'B' site has been changed to a ramp. 

The updated map is currently available on the PBE (Public Beta Environment), however, there is still no word on when the updated Fracture will go live on Valorant’s main servers.

Note that this isn’t the final iteration of the map and is subject to changes by Riot Games before release.

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