SCARZ Wins VCL 2023 Japan Split 2 And Qualifies For Pacific Ascension


SCARZ Defeats Jadeite to Win VCL 2023 Japan Split 2

Ticket to Pacific Ascension has been obtained.

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SCARZ defeats Jadeite in a closely contested grand final of the VCL 2023 Indonesia Split 2.
SCARZ has been crowned as the champions following a 6-1 run in the group stage and 2-1 in the playoffs.
SCARZ will now go on to represent Japan at the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific.

The most popular Valorant Challengers League in the world, VCL 2023 Japan Split 2 concluded earlier today on 4th June crowning SCARZ as the champion following its close 3-2 victory against Jadeite in the grand final.

It was quite shocking to witness that the top two teams from the VCL 2023 Japan Split 1, FENNEL and Crazy Raccoon, failed to reach the grand finals following a tough series of matches across the regular season and playoffs.

On the other hand, Jadeite who had failed to qualify for the previous event gave its absolute best shot and managed to reach all the way to the grand final, giving stiff competition to the eventual winners SCARZ.

As a result of this accomplishment, SCARZ will go on to represent Japan in the upcoming VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific which is scheduled to take place from 28th June to 9th July.

SCARZ has been crowned as the champions of VCL 2023 Japan Split 2

This regional Valorant league definitely comes with the most pressure being quite a popular title across the Japanese esports community. It has already broken some records and consistently manages to attract a healthy number of eyeballs.

VCL 2023 Japan Split 1

  • Peak Viewership: 160,740 viewers

  • Average Viewership: 73,114 viewers

  • Hours Watched: 9,169,624 hours

  • Airtime: 125 hours 25 minutes

  • Most Watched Match: Crazy Raccoon vs FENNEL

VCL 2023 Japan Split 2

  • Peak Viewership: 131,465 viewers

  • Average Viewership: 41,214 viewers

  • Hours Watched: 4,489,263 hours

  • Airtime: 106 hours 30 minutes

  • Most Watched Match: Crazy Raccoon vs FENNEL

Clear from the statistics shared above, FENNEL and Crazy Raccoon are the regional favorites and somehow both of them committed several blunders in this tournament to book a third and fourth place finish respectively.

Taking advantage of their poor run, SCARZ who had placed third in the previous split, and Jadeite who did not even compete in the last event, shifted gears and surprised everyone by reaching the grand final.

SCARZ was the team that had prevented Jadeite from qualifying for the last event and once again they denied them a chance to celebrate victory by taking them down in a down-to-the-wire thriller.

  • Pearl | 13-7 | SCARZ wins map pick

  • Fracture | 13-9 | Jadeite loses map pick

  • Haven | 13-6 | SCARZ loses map pick

  • Ascent | 14-12 | Jadeite wins map pick

  • Split | 13-9 | SCARZ wins decider map

SCARZ will now be seen representing Japan at the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific, which is the final step to qualify for the VCT 2024/2025 Pacific League. It will be their toughest challenge yet with top teams from every region delivering their absolute best to grab the one available spot and make it into the international circuit.

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