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S8UL's Criteria for Signing Streamers Unveiled by Thug

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Thug shares in detail criteria on the basis of which S8UL scouts and potentially looks to sign new gaming creators and streamers.
During a recent interview, Thug stated that at this point in time S8UL is focused on signing creators who have grown really fast in a span of six to twelve months.
As a boost of confidence to budding creators, Thug mentioned, "Our eyes are always open, We have our boys always scouting for new talent all the time."

S8UL Esports is one of the biggest esports organizations in the country and 8Bit Creatives is the name of its extended talent management arm, housing some of the biggest creators from the Indian gaming industry including both Naman "Mortal" Mathur and Tanmay "Scout" Singh.

There are many budding personalities in the space who aspire to be a part of S8UL, but are unaware of what they need to focus upon in order to catch their attention.

To make things easier for them, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal - Owner of 8Bit Creatives and Founder of S8UL, during an interview with Forbes India spoke about the topic and revealed the criteria based on which they shortlist potential candidates, content creators and streamers, for S8UL.

Thug shares what S8UL looks for in a potential creator or personality who they want to sign

Something that everyone from the Indian gaming community would be eager to learn about is the criteria on the basis of which S8UL takes a decision to approach a particular gaming creator and streamer.

In a recent interview, Thug revealed that the selection of the talent that they sign is more subjective rather than objective. With everyone in S8UL being more or less a creator themselves, almost all of them keep track of who is putting in consistent hard work and the trajectory of their growth across a span of five to six months.

Thug with Goldy and Mortal

Long story short, S8UL looks to sign creators who grow at a rapid pace (six to twelve months) rather than those who have build an audience slowly over a span of three to four years.

"Right now for us (S8UL), the market trend is about creators who have grown really fast over the last year. So the main criteria is the speed of growth," says Thug.

He mentions that although they are not attracted to slow-growing creators, there are a few such streamers that they have signed, but that was during its initial years (2019) when they had just started out.

"Right now what we're looking at is fresh talent. We recently hired a creator called 'Joker Ki Haveli'. He doubled up on his subscribers from 2,20,000 to around 5,00,000 in the last 3 to 4 months. That's what we see, who the audience is attracted towards," shares Thug with a recent example to highlight his point.

He also mentions how every creator has a life cycle and how their subscriber base dies off, so in order to keep growing at a fast pace S8UL is constantly trying to bring in fresh talent.

To conclude, Thug mentions that on a personal note he prefers consistency over quality. He expects creators to be consistent with their streams by devoting a set number of days every month to their respective audiences.

"Our eyes are always open, We have our boys always scouting for new talent all the time," mentions Thug, giving a vote of confidence to all gaming creators who are trying to grow themselves in this space.

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