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S8UL Gaming House Reportedly Attacked by Multiple Individuals

Abhimannu Das
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8Bit and S8UL co-founder Lokesh “Goldy” Jain revealed on Instagram that multiple individuals attacked the S8UL Gaming House.
Jain claims that around six individuals pelted stones at the gaming house, a staff member and a car parked near the building.
Four individuals have already been arrested by the Kharghar Police after they were detained by S8UL Gaming members.

The S8UL Gaming house was reportedly attacked by a group of young boys who hurled stones at the property. The S8UL Gaming House is a content creation space that was created as part of a collaboration between two Indian esports organizations, 8Bit and Team Soul. Lokesh “8Bit Goldy” Jain, who is one of the co-founders of S8UL and 8Bit Creatives shared his experience on Instagram. He reported that around five or six individuals were hiding in bushes and threw stones at the building.

Multiple individuals have already been arrested and charged by the local police

Jain posted a 22-minute video on Instagram stating that a group of individuals were pelting stones at the S8UL Gaming house which led to the property’s guard being injured. S8UL content creator Gopal "Hastar" Sarda’s car was also allegedly damaged in the incident. Jain claimed that two of the individuals involved in the incident had trespassed on the S8UL Gaming House property in the past.

He reported that members of the S8UL Gaming house were able to summon the individuals involved in the incident with the pretext of taking photos, after which they were handed over to Kharghar Police Station. Jain stated in the video that it was not the first incident to occur as Tanmay “Scout” Singh’s car was allegedly damaged by unknown individuals the first time around.

Four individuals have been reportedly arrested by the police so far. There may be more individuals absconding from the police with Jain claiming that there were up to six people involved in the vandalism.

Opinion: “Fans” and "haters" of content creators and esports players often take things too far just to get some attention online or just downright harass people unnecessarily. Internationally, there are dozens of instances of creators and pro players being doxed, stalked, attacked, or swatted over the years. The relationship between viewers and content creators is generally parasocial in nature, and going to such lengths for attention or any other reason is unacceptable and illegal in many cases.

Such acts can cause unnecessary legal trouble, financial loss and even hurt career prospects if caught. With a significant portion of the gaming community bening very young, it is important to understand that personal attacks can lead to serious repercussions. Indulging in such vandalism just for two minutes of fame or to get a reaction out of your favorite creator is never worth it.

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