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Rushindra Sinha Names His Top 2 Non-Global Esports Indian Valorant Players

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The Global Esports CEO revealed that his top two Indian Valorant players, that are not on the Global Esports Team, would be Sagnik “Hellff” Roy and Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar.
Following this, Sinha said that DEATHMAKER is an established player and that he’s an obvious pick.
He later talked about Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar and advised him to focus on his game, skills, and growth.

In a recent livestream on Twitch, Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports (GE), was casually chatting with his viewers and answering their questions. During this session, he revealed the top two Indian Valorant players, besides players from the Global Esports’ roster, who he believed have the most potential. He confidently stated that they will do well in Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Ascension and other domestic leagues. He also talked about Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar and advised him to focus on his game, skills, and growth.

Rushindra Sinha says Hellff and RvK are the top two Indian Valorant players

One of Rushindra Sinha’s viewers asked him, “If you ever thought of a Super Indian team, who would those six be?” Although he did not answer the exact question, he revealed that his top two Indian Valorant players, discounting the GE roster, would be Sagnik “Hellff” Roy and Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar.

Sinha said, “Right now, honestly, the two Indian players that I feel are really, really cracked, besides obviously the six that we have, are Hellff and RvK. Those are two players that I genuinely think have so much potential. They will do really well.” He added, “I am rooting for these guys in Ascension, in the domestic league, and everything. These guys are really, really good.”

Following this, another viewer asked him why he did not name Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das in the top two given that he has had an impressive performance in Indian Valorant esports in the past few years. He replied, “DM (DEATHMAKER) obviously, he is an established player, so he is an obvious pick.”

After hearing Sinha’s top two players, Gary “MiokeN” Chiu, sitting beside him, said he would choose Deadly10 among his top two Indian Valorant players. Replying to him, Sinha said, “Deadly10 is upcoming. Deadly10 is the next-gen; he is not there yet. He has potential, but he is not there yet. He is really good, no doubt, 100 percent.”

Following this, Sinha advised Deadly10 to focus on his game, skills, and growth as he is still young and has a long journey ahead of him. He said, “Deadly10, if you are ever going to see this, you are young; you have a lot to learn; focus on your game, focus on skills, focus on your growth, and nothing else. Don’t listen to anyone else. Don’t do anything else, only your game and your growth. Everything else will come later, trust me. You are a young kid, focus on that.”

Deadly10 is a 19-year-old player and the latest addition to Velocity Gaming. The organization acquired Deadly10 from Reckoning Esports in September 2022. Although Reckoning Esports did not win any major tournaments, Deadly10 made a name for himself with his aggressive playstyle.

Hellff has been playing under the banner of Velocity Gaming for the last two years. He usually plays either controller or initiator class agents for his team depending on the map. With Hellff on the team, Velocity Gaming has won multiple South Asian titles, including Skyesports Pro Invitational - S2, VCC 2022: Stage 1, Skyesports Championship 3.0, and more.

On the other hand, Rvk, who currently plays under the banner of Enigma Gaming, takes up a more flexible role on the team. He can play controller, sentinel, or initiator class agents. With his inclusion, Enigma Gaming has shown its true power and the team also recently qualified for the Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer. This LAN event is set to take place between 18th and 20th November in Hyderabad, India.

The Indian Valorant esports scene has shown tremendous promise, thanks to both established veterans and also up and coming talents. With Global Esports making Riot Games’ franchising, fans can soon see India’s impact on a larger scale.

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