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Global Esports CEO Reveals Why Eraser Was Chosen as the Team's Coach

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Global Esports earned a franchise slot in Riot Games’ 2023 Valorant International League and has decided to stick with Eraser as its coach.
Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha revealed that Global Esports signed Eraser as the coach of its Valorant roster in anticipation of the franchise slot.

Global Esports acquired Hong “Eraser” Chang-Pyo as the coach of its Valorant roster in April 2022 and participated in a number of tournaments. Notably, the organization earned a franchise slot in the 2023 Valorant International League and has decided to stick with Eraser as its primary coach. Recently, Global Esports fans raised the question of why the organization is moving forward with Eraser even after earning the franchise slot, compelling Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, to point out the reasons on stream. Sinha revealed that the organization signed Eraser in anticipation of a franchise slot and talked highly about the coach’s track record in esports.

Rushindra Sinha says the intent to sign Eraser was to prepare for the Valorant League

Sinha revealed that Global Esports signed Eraser as the coach of its Valorant roster as it was expecting to get a franchise slot in Riot Games’ 2023 Valorant International League. Even before the confirmation of the franchise slot from Riot Games, the organization was paying Eraser a “minimum franchise salary” as it was confident about making it on the franchise list.

In his recent stream, a viewer posed the question: ”Why are you retaining Eraser? GE didn’t improve under him at all.” Responding to this, Sinha said, “For all those who are asking about our coach, the reason we brought Eraser on board was for franchising. We didn’t bring Eraser on board and there was no improvement in the team, and still, we are retaining him as a coach for the franchise? We brought Eraser to Global Esports in anticipation of a franchise slot.” He added, “We were paying him minimum franchise salary even before franchising because we knew this was coming.”

Notably, the team greatly improved and won multiple championships, including the Skyesports Champions Series and Skyesports Souvenir 2022 - Mumbai, after Eraser came on board.

Prior to becoming a Valorant coach, Eraser was a professional Fortnite player for Global Esports and played under its banner for almost a year. Although the Fortnite team did not win any major tournament, Eraser made his mark in the community. After retiring as a Fortnite pro, he started his Valorant journey as a coach for Damwon Kia (DWG). Under his guidance, Damwon Kia showed impressive performances in Asia. Furthermore, former Damon Kia player Kim “t3xture” Na-r, who is currently on Global Esports’ roster, also found success thanks to Eraser.

Explaining these reasons, Sinha said, “Eraser is an ex-professional Fortnite player. He represented Global Esports and was one of the top players. I have seen him triple kill the best players from Cloud9.” Following this, he added, “After Fortnite, he switched to Valorant. He was Damon Kia’s coach and he brought a lot of success that DWG has today while he was the coach. Secondly, t3xture, the pro that everyone sees right now, is Eraser’s find. Eraser has been working with him for a long time.”

Sinha claimed that the main reason for signing Eraser was the Valorant International League and not to win the local South Asian championships. He later praised Eraser and said he was glad to have him on the team.

The Global Esports CEO said, “Eraser has done so much. The goal of (signing) Eraser was to prepare for this franchise team. Everything we have done is with the future in mind. We have never looked at the present. We did not bring Eraser to win TEC, Skyesports, Nodwin, or some other event. That was never the intent. The intent was to prepare for the league, and that’s exactly what we did. That being said, thank you Eraser, I’m glad that we have you. It’s gonna be fun. Waiting to come to Korea.”

Global Esports has fielded a ten-player roster for the Valorant International League, including five of its former players and five international players. Having been both a former pro and a proven coach of an international roster, Eraser has the potential to bring massive value to the table for Global Esports. However, fans will have to wait a few months to see Global Esports in action.

Global Esports will be participating in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Kick-Off Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil in February.

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