Global Esports Reveals How Its Ten-Player Roster Will Work

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Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha revealed that the organization is yet to finalize its playing five from the ten-player roster.
The CEO revealed that all ten players from the roster will go to the South Korea Bootcamp.
He said the organization has time until January to finalize its roster.

Global Esports is fielding a ten-player roster for the Valorant International League. However, at the time of the announcement, the organization did not reveal which five players would play under the banner of Global Esports and which would be extras in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) tournaments. In a recent livestream on Twitch, viewers asked Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, how the ten-player roster would work in the upcoming tournaments. In response to the queries, he revealed that the organization has yet to finalize its roster and has time until January to do so.

Global Esports has till January to lock its final roster

Salbatic revealed that all ten players from the Global Esports roster are in contract with the organization, seven officially and three unofficially. However, all ten players from the roster will go to the South Korea Bootcamp. Salbatic said, “The seven players that we have announced, their paperwork has been submitted to Riot Games. They are officially on our roster, and the other three are unofficially on our roster. For now, they are coming along with us to Korea.”

Following this, he said that the organization is yet to decide which five players will represent it at the Valorant International League and which will be the extra players. Furthermore, the organization has time until January to finalize its roster. Salbatic added, “We will probably know more by January because we have till January to lock our final roster. All the players are still in the Global Esports contract, and all of them are coming to South Korea with us.” Following this, he added, “We have to submit the roster locks for Brazil (Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Kick-Off Tournament), so we have until January to decide who is going to play in Brazil.”

It seems like fans will have to wait till January to know Global Esports’ final five players that will represent the organization at the VCT 2023 Kick-Off Tournament in Brazil. Furthermore, Salbatic revealed in a previous livestream that the roster would not play under the Global Esports banner before the VCT Kick-Off Tournament.

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