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Rocket League Partners With NFL to Introduce NFL Fan Pass 2021

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Rocket League developer, Psyonix is partnering with the National Football League (NFL) to introduce limited-time events, a Gridiron tournament, and a fan pass.
The fan pass will include limited-time cosmetics themed around all 32 teams of the NFL.
The event pass will be available starting 9th September for 1,000 Credits.

Psyonix and the National Football League (NFL) have partnered once again to bring back the NFL Fan Pass for Rocket league fans. Players can expect content themed around American football to be introduced in-game starting 9th September. Players can purchase the new NFL Fan Pass 2021 from the in-game shop, which will unlock event-exclusive items for all players. The cosmetics will be unlocked throughout the 2021 NFL season and players will get cosmetics themed around all 32 NFL teams. The limited-time mode Gridiron will also be returning to the game as part of the NFL collaboration. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Rocket League x NFL event overview

Rocket League is celebrating the return of the football season with the Gridiron limited-time mode which will be available from 9th September to 15th September. The Champions Field arena will be reworked with NFL logos and yard markers to celebrate the collaboration between Rocket league and NFL. There will also be NFL-themed challenges that players can take on to unlock the NFL boost and NFL topper.

There will also be a Gridiron Games event on Twitch on 9th September at 5PM UTC/10 am PDT, which will be hosted by Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez and Jon Sandman. The event will feature a single-elimination bracket of four teams made of Rocket League content creators and pros who will be competing in the Gridiron mode.

What’s included in the NFL Pass 2021

Here are all of the items that will be available as part of the collaboration between Rocket League and NFL. The items will be distributed throughout the football season and not all items will be available at launch.

2021 Kickoff

  • 32 NFL Team Dominus Decals

  • Pigskin Paint Finish


  • 32 NFL Team Octane Decals

  • 32 NFL Team Player Banners

  • 32 NFL Team Antennas

Super Bowl LVI

  • 32 NFL Team Fennec Decals

  • 32 NFL Team Breakout Decals

  • 32 NFL Team Helmet Toppers

How to get the NFL Pass 2021 in Rocket League

The NFL pass 2021 is priced at 1,000 Credits ($14 USD). To purchase the pass:

  1. Launch Rocket League

  2. Click on Shop

  3. Click on the NFL Fan Pass 2021

  4. Purchase it for 1,000 credits

If you do not have the required credits, the store will automatically redirect you to purchase a credit bundle of your choice.

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