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RNG Sweeps Group B With Perfect 6-0 After Replaying Games

PSG Talon and RNG make it to the Rumble Stage from Group B

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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RNG emerged victorious on Day 5 after winning all three of its remade matches in style.
RNG is now undefeated in the group stage with a scoreline of 6-0.
PSG Talon joins RNG from Group B to make it to the Rumble Stage of MSI 2022.

After a lengthy schedule of the matches from Group C on Day 5 of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022, fans and the broadcast team geared up for the showdown between Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and the three other teams from Group B - Istanbul Wildcats (IW), PSG Talon (PSG) and RED Canids (RED).

These three matches were remade because of a ping discrepancy that was discovered during the first three days of the group stage. The teams that were playing from Korea were at an inadvertent disadvantage as they were playing on a higher-than-intended latency, while RNG played the matches on the set 35 ms from Shanghai, China.

The following are the results of the three matches that were replayed:

  • RNG - Istanbul Wildcats vs RNG

  • RNG - RNG vs PSG Talon

  • RNG - RNG vs RED Canids

RNG picks up its fourth win

It was a convincing win for RNG, a rerun of the first time it went up against Istanbul Wildcats (IW). The Chinese juggernaut had a very early gold advantage over its opponent even though IW replied with counter kills. Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei and Chen “GALA” Wei were unstoppable and RNG’s cross-map play was immaculate. It was a textbook play from RNG as it won every lane and capitalized on it by collecting the Baron buff and destroying two inhibitors on the bottom side of the map before turning to the third dragon. After a scrappy, back and forth fight on IW’s base, RNG closed out the match in 25:23 minutes.

PSG Talon fails to take down RNG

PSG Talon seemed to be the only team in Group B that was able to challenge RNG and put the Chinese squad in its place during the group stage matches. Going into this match, fans were hoping for PSG Talon to secure a win and prove that titans also fall but unfortunately, RNG came out on top. For the longest time in the game, PSG Talon did not even have a kill on the board. At the 17-minute mark, PSG’s base was cracked open and RNG took down one Nexus tower before backing out. After overstaying its welcome, the LPL representative was punished and PSG created some breathing space but it was short-lived. After collecting the Baron buff, RNG marched down and won the game in 23:35 minutes.

RNG picks up last win over RED Canids

It was yet another classic showing by RNG in the last match against the RED Canids. The game had quite a few interesting picks with RED choosing Darius against Gragas on the top lane and GALA playing Tahm Kench carry with a Senna support. The early game went in RNG’s direction despite RED picking up the first two dragons of the match. The gold gap in the game widened into a canyon. RED had a glimmer of hope when Darius got a couple of kills with his ultimate but RNG shut it down real fast. The Brazilian team stood no chance against RNG’s decimating smash and the match was over in under 30 minutes.

At the end of the replay matches on Day 5, RNG and PSG Talon made it out of Group B and will be joining G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses who have also qualified for the Rumble Stage.

Fans can watch the Group A games on Day 6 of MSI 2022 tomorrow on 15th May on LoLEsports, and on the Twitch and Youtube channels of Riot Games.

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