Rite2ace Transition From Velocity To Revenant Valorant Team


Rite2ace Talks About His Transition From Velocity to Revenant's Valorant Team

Was it a step in the right direction?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Indian esports veterans, rite2ace and Amaterasu, recently appeared for an interview during the ongoing VCL 2023 South Asia.
Rite2ace spoke about his transition from Velocity Gaming to Revenant Esports and the responsibilities that came along.
He has not been seen in action this year so far as Revenant is not part of the ongoing Split 1 for VCL South Asia.

One of the most renowned esports players in the country, Tejas "rite2ace" Sawant, joined Revenant Esports in December last year following his departure from Velocity Gaming. Unfortunately, he was not able to compete in the ongoing VCL 2023: South Asia due to some alleged mix-up by the tournament organizers, NODWIN Gaming.

Despite his absence from the event as a competitor, rite2ace was invited for an interview along with Anuj "Amaterasu" Sharma, where he spoke about a lot of things including how he adjusted to things at Revenant after spending more than two years with Velocity.

Rite2ace on moving from Velocity to Revenant: "It is a new challenge for me this year"

During the end of the 2022 season, multiple Valorant teams from India underwent roster changes and one of the bigger moves was rite2ace parting ways with Velocity Gaming after almost two and a half years.

He was picked up by Revenant just two days later, completing its lineup for the current competitive season. Talking about this transition in a recent interview, rite2ace explained that after playing under Amaterasu for such a long time and acting as the vice-captain it was a big step for him to become a captain himself.

"I have spent close to two and a half years with VLT (Velocity Gaming) under Anuj (Amaterasu) as he was the IGL (In-Game Leader) and I was the vice-captain, helping the team whenever required," says rite2ace, "Now it is a new challenge for me this year being the captain and the IGL for RNT (Revenant). So, you know there is new motivation and I'm going to prove my worth as soon as I get a chance."

Sadly, due to some alleged miscommunication or time crunch, Revenant Esports was not handed a direct invite for Split 1 of the Valorant Champions League (VCL) South Asia. Hopefully, they will receive one for Split 2 where they can finally show the true strength of its roster against the best competitors that the region has to offer.

Further in the interview, Amaterasu went on to appreciate how rite2ace was a helpful teammate who was ever helpful to him when it came to managing the former lineup.

It was an experience that has taught the Revenant captain about how to conduct himself now that he has undertaken the role of a leader, balancing his approach towards the players and team.

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