SkRossi Shares Predictions and Expectations for VCL 2023 South Asia

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>SkRossi Shares Predictions And Expectations For VCL 2023 South Asia</p></div>
SkRossi Shares Predictions And Expectations For VCL 2023 South Asia


SkRossi and Rushindra Sinha share the top three Valorant teams likely to win VCL 2023 South Asia.
The two also share their expectations from this exclusive league, one looking forward to some upsets and the other focusing on discovery of new local talent.

The exclusive Valorant league for the South Asia (SA) region, the Valorant Champions League (VCL) 2023 SA, is currently taking place on LAN. It is enthralling the local audience as they witness some top-notch action between ten of the best teams, taking on each other in a bid to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Pacific Ascension.

During a recent panel discussion at the event, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar along with Rushindra "Salbatic" Sinha - CEO of Global Esports, shared their predictions and expectations from the grand event which features a total prize pool of more than INR 1.15 Crore ($139,098 USD).

VCL 2023 South Asia: Predictions and expectations from SkRossi and Rushindra Sinha

The league has begun and as expected and the two groups are currently being dominated by Velocity Gaming and Orangutan respectively. But there have been a few unexpected results as well, which is a part of any competitive tournament.

Ahead of the league entering the third week of its group stage, SkRossi and Rushindra gave the following predictions for their top three favorite teams at the event.

SkRossi feels that the top three teams that could win this event are Velocity Gaming, Gods Reign, and Orangutan.

"I think one of these three team will be winning, but if some other team pulls a surprise upset then I will be the happiest person because the people who are watching it will have a lot of fun," says SkRossi, "Also, the entertainment should always be maintained through the event. It shouldn't be that only one team is winning. I would really hope that other organizations give their best and make the tournament exciting."

Rushindra also had similar picks and went with Velocity Gaming, Orangutan, and Reckoning Esports, having the best chance of walking through as the winners.

"More than individual teams, I'm hoping to see a lot of breakout players because this is the first time there are players who haven't got any LAN or stage time before, are now finally getting the chance," says Rushindra, "Venka (Venkatesh Sharma) was definitely one of them who everyone has seen and another player who I'm excited to see is Khelthuzad (Shahul Hameed) because we have seen him play tournaments before."

The predictions made by them seem to be inline with what the majority of the community members have to say. This is simply because these lineups have a great combination of local and international talents that have proven themselves in the past and even now continue to put up some fantastic performances.

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