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Riot Talks About Releasing Skirmisher Champions in League of Legends

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A Reddit user pointed out the number of skirmisher champions in League of Legends.
Riot Axes clarified that the company finally had a good handle on how to best serve the player base that enjoys skirmishers.

Skirmishers are also called Duelists in League of Legends. The major goal of skirmisher champions is to shred through any enemy that walks toward them. However, these champions lack high-end burst damage but are armed with situationally powerful skills that help them survive the duel. There have been a band of skirmisher champions that were released in quick succession. On 17th June, Riot Games released the champion trailer for Nilah and it seems like Nilah will also fall under the same category as a Skirmisher.

One Reddit user pointed out how Riot Games has been releasing multiple skirmisher champions. User HalexUwU wrote, “Where are the artillery mages? The battle mages? The wardens, even? It's been a long long time since some classes have even seen the light of day, and I think we all value variety. The problem isn't really that we've gotten too many skirmishers, more like, not enough of anything else.

Skirmishers in League of Legends, a history

For the longest time, Riot Games had only a handful of skirmisher champions like Yi, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Jax, Riven, Fiora and a few others. However, after seeing a shift in people enjoying these melee carries, it seems like Riot Games has realized the role’s true potential.

Shedding more light about the skirmisher champions, Lead Gameplay Designer Bryan “Axes” Salvatore said, “They [skirmishers] have always been extremely popular, but 4 or 5 years ago we felt we finally had a good handle on how to best serve that audience, and it had been significantly underserved for a while.

He added that the release of these skirmisher champions ended up being dense because of “scheduling shenanigans reasons.” Axes also clarified that Riot Games is looking to cool it off a bit and that there is not a skirmisher champion on the schedule next year. “If one is added onto the schedule next year it’d be because we had a VGU that made sense opportunistically (say, Trynd or Jax), not a new champion. I don’t think there’s currently one on the schedule for 2024 either but schedules are extremely fluid that far in advance so very much subject to change.

Players, despite being bombarded with a single type of champion, are extremely delighted by the number of champions that have been released in the past two years. Riot has yet to reveal the official release date for Nilah but players can expect to see her hit the rift in LoL Patch 12.13 or LoL Patch 12.14. It is also rumored that Nilah will be receiving a Star Guardian skin upon release.

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