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Riot Games Unveils EDG Worlds 2021 Skins

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games announced on social media that the rumors of the EDG Worlds 2021 skins were true.
According to Riot’s official post, the skin line will feature Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios, and Yuumi.
The release date for the skins has not been announced yet.

It is customary for the team that wins the League of Legends World Championship to have a skin line in-game dedicated to them. The players of the winning team get to choose which champion they want the skin for and they can also add their personal touch to the skin by customizing the recall animation and by adding their signature to the skin. As we know, Chinese powerhouse EDward Gaming (EDG) took home the coveted trophy at Worlds 2021 and as per traditions, Riot will be releasing skins for the team.

However, even before the official announcement, the splash art of the new EDG Worlds 2021 skins was leaked on social media.

On 23rd April, Riot Games confirmed on Twitter, “The rumors are true, World Championship @EDG_Edward skins are coming… #Worlds2021.

EDG Worlds 2021 skins

Who are the champions of the EDG Worlds 2021 skins?

In 2021, EDG won the finals of Worlds 2021 in a stylish fashion, taking the series against Damwon Kia to Game 5 and bringing on the Silver Scrapes that the community loves so much. EDG won the series 3-2. According to Riot’s rule for a champion to be chosen for the skin line, the player must have played at least one game on that champion at Worlds.

The champions that were chosen by the players for the EDG Worlds 2021 skins are:

  1. EDG Graves - Li "Flandre" Xuan-Jun (Top)

  2. EDG Viego - Zhao "Jiejie" Li-Jie (Jungle)

  3. EDG Zoe - Lee "Scout" Ye-chan (Mid)

  4. EDG Aphelios - Park "Viper" Do-hyeon (Attack-damage carry)

  5. EDG Yuumi - Tian "Meiko" Ye (Support)

EDG Worlds 2021 were leaked ahead of announcement

On 22nd April, the community got its first glimpse at the EDG Worlds 2021 skins after the splash art was leaked via Weibo and then circulated on Twitter.

According to Twitter user iCrystalization, Jiejie talked about the EDG Worlds 2021 skins. He reportedly said, “Do they look cool? They look very cool! I can only say 👍 And it’s the whole team that looks very cool, not just one champ.

What is the color theme of the EDG skin line?

Whenever a Worlds skin is released, the one thing that stands out the most is the theme that the team has collectively chosen across all five roles. In the case of skins for Invictus Gaming (IG), the skins for Fiora, Irelia, Camille, LeBlanc, Kai’Sa, and Rakan, all have a common color palette and also don feathers.

Drawing from the splash art of this year’s Worlds skins, it is pretty evident that EDG has gone for a theme with black and white as primary colors with hints of blue, grey, and red shades. According to Dot Esports and many fans on Twitter, the skins are supposedly inspired by the Victorian era and popular anime “Black Butler.” Notably, Meiko’s skin for Yuumi is a tribute to his pet cat, Raccoon.

Riot Games has not revealed the release date for the skins yet. But fans can expect to see more information regarding this in the coming months.

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