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Riot Games Teases Valorant’s Next Agent ‘Deadeye’ in Patch 3.08

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There are new teasers in Valorant's patch 3.08 that seemingly indicate that Deadeye is the game's next agent.
There is an audio teaser as well as Deadeye's business card which can be accessed by players via the shooting range.
The upcoming agent is expected to release on 2nd November 2021.

Keen-eyed Valorant players have discovered a new audio teaser in the shooting range that hints at the game’s next agent, scheduled to release next month. While there have been teasers floating around for months, Riot Games has ramped up the number of teasers hidden throughout the game and it all points to the game’s next agent, ‘Deadeye.’

Deadeye Teasers in Patch 3.08

There are two notable teasers in patch 3.08. The first one is an audio teaser that can be heard at the bottom of a staircase in the training range area. Valorant lore enthusiast ‘Cynprel’ posted a clip that showcases the teaser. You can check out the teaser yourself as well by heading into the shooting range and going to the location showcased in the clip below. You might need to turn up your music volume as the audio is very faint.

There is also another interactable spot in patch 3.08. Players can head on over to the location and check out Deadeye’s business card. It is the same business card that was highlighted in September’s State of The Agents blog post by Riot Games.

The devs have described the upcoming agent as a Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish. There are hints that suggest the upcoming agent is French based on the music and the hints that were added over the past few months.

There is no information currently available about Agent 17’s abilities but there is something interesting that was pointed out by fans. Riot Games’ Principal Champ Designer August "August" Browning joined the Valorant team earlier this year.

Players noticed that the codename ‘Deadeye’ which was found in Valorant’s game files is also the nickname of League of Legends champion ‘Jhin’, a legend designed by August. The upcoming agent could share some design elements with Jhin, who uses a hand cannon and grenades.

When is Deadeye releasing in Valorant?

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 is set to end on 2nd November 2021 and the next Act should commence on the same day. It is expected that the new agent will launch alongside the new battle pass, along with its cosmetics and other content that has been planned for next month.

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