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Riot Accidentally “Nerfs” Jett in Valorant and Will Only Fix Her in Patch 3.09

Abhimannu Das
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Jett's weapon equip out from her dash (Tailwind) is currently longer than intended and Riot Games will not be addressing the issue until Valorant patch 3.09.
Many players in the community want the unintentional nerf to be kept in the game due to Jett's overwhelming presence in competitive Valorant.
Patch 3.09 is expected to drop around 2nd November, which is when the fix to Jett's animations should go live.

Riot Games pushed out a number of changes in patch 3.08 but the devs did not mention anything about changes to agents. But it turns out Jett got accidentally nerfed and there won’t be a fix anytime soon. Shortly after the new patch went live, Valorant players noticed that after using Jett’s dash, it takes around a second to pull out her weapon and it is very noticeable. Riot Games is aware of the issue but a fix is not coming through and players will have to wait until patch 3.09, which is two weeks away. Until then, Jett players will have to deal with the unintentional nerf.

Riot Games responds to the accidental changes to Jett

While some players speculated that the longer animation time was a possible nerf that didn’t get included in the patch notes. Riot Games revealed that was not the case. An official statement confirmed Jett's weapon equip animation out from her dash (Tailwind) is currently longer than intended and Updraft costs more than it should. These are bugs, but not severe enough (game-breaking/competitive integrity) to risk a Patch redeploy, so it's possible a fix won't go out until Patch 3.09.

The recent patch has led to a debate in the Valorant community with part of the playerbase wanting Jett to be nerfed while others think no changes are needed. Patch 3.06 introduced a number of nerfs to Jett which included a reduction in the number of Cloudburst charges and Bladestorm not recharging when you get right-click kills. However, many pro players and content creators feel that the changes were not enough as Jett’s Dash is what makes her feel oppressive.

Last month, G2’s Jakub "Lothar" Szygulski said “after speaking with the devs, it’s clear that Dash is important as a signature of the agent so it won’t get changed.” The accidental nerf to Jett is actually something that part of the community kept in the game but it is unknown if Riot Games will be making any more changes to the popular agent.

Jett has been the most picked Valorant agent for a very long time with a whopping 85% pick rate in Valorant Masters Berlin. In comparison, no other agent even broke the 65% pick rate mark showcasing the clear disparity between Jett and the rest of the agent roster.

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