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Riot Games Teases New Champion Through Glasc Industries Website

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games unveiled a new website called “Glasc Industries” to tease its new champion from the undercity of Zaun.
According to the website, the founder of Glasc Industries is Renata Glasc, a Zaunite alchemist, slated to be next League of Legends support champion.
Riot has earlier revealed that the next champion would be an enchanter support with a dark and sinister persona.

Riot Games has been teasing a new support champion to join the League of Legends roster since September 2021 and now it has unveiled details of the champion by releasing a promotional website for Glasc Industries. The website is teased on the League of Legends site as an advertisement. In the Champion Roadmap, Riot said the champion would be someone who believes that “all can be bought when you have enough cash”. Adding more insight to this, Riot revealed in a video that the champion will be an enchanter support with a dark and sinister persona. The video also showed a quick glimpse of what looked like the champion’s arm. Now, the company has revealed the website has more information about the champion and her place of origin.

The website is currently advertising a fictional Zaunite company called Glasc Industries that hopes “to make chemtech affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all.” Glasc Industries’ tagline is “Don’t just survive - Thrive!” and its website also states that it partners with brilliant minds to come up with designs of the highest caliber and aims to become the “most revolutionary and impactful manufacturer in the world.” The “Our Story” tab of the website adds that Glasc Industries is extending its reach, starting with Piltover.

With origins in Zaun, we are committed to improving lives and earning our community’s trust. We donated hundreds of breathers to victims of last year’s noxious chemical fire. Now we’re extending our reach, starting with the City of Progress.”
Glasc Industries

Renata is the founder of Glasc Industries

Throwing more light on the champion, the website states that the founder of Glasc Industries is Renata Glasc, an alchemist from the undercity of Zaun. It further adds that Renata is a philanthropist who collaborates with both the citizens and the chem barons of Zaun to keep the city safe.

Currently, she heads Glasc Industries in its next objective: redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology. To those who seek a greater future, Renata Glasc embraces all,” reads the text on the “Our Founder” tab of the website.

According to the website, the company sells a wide range of products that fall under two major categories: the Luxury Line and the Diffusion Line. The perfumes look technologically driven and the brief descriptions of the two lines include phrases like “augmented limbs technology”, “medical alchemy”, and “self-defense”.

Glasc Industries products

Renata leaked: All we know so far

Even before the reveal of the Glasc Industries website by Riot, the community had been speculating that the new champion would be called Renata. The first real leaks for the enchanter support came through an alleged “skins leak” by Twitter user SybrLoL. The tweet revealed a new skin name called Anima Squad Renata.

Likewise, the champion was reportedly datamined from a Chinese mobile game version of Team Fight Tactics, according to a Tweet by user Monstrous Yi.

So far we have no idea of what to expect from the champion’s kit, but Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, lead of the champions’ team, revealed that Renata’s kit will make the players feel like a “boss.” It is clear that the new champion will bring a lot of unique and exciting elements to the rift and the community can expect to see a champion reveal soon. It's also very interesting to see Riot explore the cities of Zaun and Piltover again since it just released Zaunite champion Zeri.

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