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Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund Has Benefited 400 Organizations in 25 Countries Since 2019

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games claimed that it has donated to 400 organizations in 25 countries and distributed $23 million in grants via the Social Impact Fund.
The recent Star Guardian Taliyah fundraiser generated over $5.8 million USD from multiple Riot Games titles.
More partnerships with content creators are in the works right now.

In 2019, Riot Games announced the launch of its Social Impact Fund, which is a program designed to offer aid to charitable organizations and communities throughout the world. The program was created in partnership with ImpacAssets, and it is a separate asset from Riot Games, allowing the organization to make direct contributions toward pressing problems.

The majority of funding raised is used for player-selected causes and nonprofits, like the Sentinels of Light initiative, where players had the chance for their nonprofit of choice to be selected to receive a $10k grant from the Social Impact Fund. One of the most recent contributions this year was through the Star Guardian Taliyah cosmetic and all proceeds were donated to the funds.

Riot Games’ contributions so far

In Riot Games’ official report, it states that the main goal for the Social Impact Fund is to address deeply systemic issues and behavioral change through our stated priorities: Education, Opportunity, Citizenship, and Sustainability.

Riot Games claimed that it has donated to 400 organizations in 25 countries and distributed $23M in grants via the Social Impact Fund. Riot also clarified that does NOT support the following:

  • Grants to individuals, or individuals fundraising for organizations through walk-a-thons, streaming fundraisers, contests, etc.

  • Corporate brand building or recruitment event sponsorships

  • Employee donation matching (that’s handled directly by Riot)

  • Donations to political or religious organizations as defined by law

  • Non-profit organizations that are determined ineligible utilizing the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s Reliance Standards for Making Good Faith Determinations or Expenditure Responsibility rules and regulations

  • Any organization that does not comply with Riot's non-discrimination policy

The recent Star Guardian Taliyah fundraiser generated over $5.8 million USD according to a report by Dot Esports. The publisher’s senior director Jeff Burrell told the publication, “The broader narrative of Star Guardians is protecting the galaxy and everything like that, but there’s also a very human component to it of like what they’re going through and how they have to fight against their own demons.”

Since the creation of the Social Impact Fund, Riot Games has branched out to more than cosmetics for fundraising. Riot Games has worked with content house OfflineTV for raising funds that helped multiple charities including Stop AAPI Hate, Children Foundation, Rise Above The Disorder, and more. More collaborations were hinted at by Riot but the details have been kept under wraps for now.

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