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Riot Games Restricts Transfers for Valorant Teams in 2023

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games released the VCT 2023 Esports Services Agreements document revealing all the rules and regulations surrounding the international leagues.
Teams will have to field at least four regional players and can have at most one import player on their rosters.
Teams that have out of region players like T1 will be heavily affected by the rules and the team will need to do a full overhaul.

Riot Games released its rules for Valorant esports in 2023. With the introduction of regional leagues, the publisher has laid some ground rules for teams and how they can make roster changes. One of the most important rules in the new rulebook is that players will mostly be restricted to their own regions. Teams are allowed to import just one player in 2023 from other regions which means that the scope of transfers that can be made by teams in the international leagues becomes limited.

The transfer window will be open from 26th September to 1st February 2023

During the Pre-Season Transfer Window, each team may sign players to Esports Services Agreements and otherwise make changes to its competitive roster for the upcoming season. Each starting and reserve player on the team’s competitive roster is referred to as a “Team Member”.

A Team Member may be added to the Team’s competitive roster at any time during the Pre-Season Transfer Window, but will only become eligible to compete in the League once a valid visa and work permits have been obtained for the Team Member.

Once the Pre-Season Transfer Window closes, the teams will no longer be able to make changes to their competitive roster until the next transfer window aside from exceptional circumstances. There will also be a mid-season transfer window from 6th March to 25th March 2023.

Riot Games’ Roster Construction Rules document for Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 states, “In order to maintain the regional identity of the VCT Participating Teams that compete in a global competition and to encourage the type of regional identity that is important to fans and sponsors, each Team must maintain, at all times during the Season, at least four (4) Team Members on its starting roster who are Residents.”

Some teams will be heavily affected by the changes. For example, T1 has multiple North American players and it will have to overhaul its current lineup to compete in the international league. Teams with players from different regions will be split up and the transfer window in the coming weeks will definitely have some high-profile moves.

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