Riot Games Developers Talk About the Future of Valorant

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The revamped Valorant esports circuit is something everyone at Riot Games is very excited about.
The developers are also looking forward to the new players who join Valorant in the coming years.
The dev team is currently working on bringing new features to the game to enhance player experience.

2022 was a massive year for Valorant with new content releases, esports expansions and more. Five developers from the Valorant team did a Q&A session and revealed what they are excited about moving forward. The esports scene being revamped is undoubtedly the biggest change for 2023 and it will be interesting to see how the new international leagues fare in terms of viewership compared to the current format which we had for two years. Here is a rundown of everything that the devs had to say about the future of Valorant.

Competitive Valorant in 2023 has everyone at Riot Games excited

Andy Ho, Senior Director of Game Product Management revealed in a blog post, “I am especially excited about the future of competitive VALORANT, and bringing the game and the sport together as one unified experience with a revamped VCT structure and a team-based competitive system in the game.”

Andy thinks that Valorant is as its best when you play the game as a team and he wants to see how the new and revamped formal setting will shape the experiences of new esports starting in 2023 and beyond.

Arnar Gylfason, Director of Game Production also discussed the future of the game’s competitive esports but the “continued expression of our agents and world, upcoming collaborations, and, of course, the evolution of the game itself” are also things that the team is looking forward to.

Competitive esports is just one part of the game and the developers are also focusing on improving the competitive integrity of the game. Chase Swanson, Director of Game Operations revealed that the engagement and support from players are massive and he is excited to see how the community grows over time. Nikki Lewis, Global Head of Marketing, Action Category, also shares the same sentiment and is excited to see new players join Valorant and experience the game.

The developers revealed that they are still figuring out the live service format and in the coming years and that they will try and streamline the development roadmap. There will be a focus on developing new features for the game in 2023 to enhance the player experience in the future but the specifics of the new features have not been shared yet.

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