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Riot Games Removes ‘Fracture’ Map From Competitive Queue in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games has removed the 'Fracture' map from Valorant's competitive queue due to a game-breaking bug.
The Spike could potentially spawn below the map, which made it impossible for the offensive site to retrieve it.
A bug fix has been promised by tomorrow, which should resolve the issue and re-enable the map in competitive.

Riot Games has disabled the ‘Fracture’ map in Valorant’s competitive queue. The new map was limited to casual game modes and it made its debut in ranked this week, only to be taken down in less than 48 hours after its launch. It looks like there is a bug on the map that causes the Spike to spawn underneath the map, which would make it impossible for offensive teams to retrieve it. Riot Games is working on a fix and it should deploy a hotfix to address the issue very soon.

When will Fracture be re-enabled in Valorant’s competitive queue

Whenever a game-breaking bug is discovered that leads to an agent or map being disabled, Riot Games usually patches it within 2-3 days. The studio hopes to address the issue within 24 hours and deploy a hotfix.

This is not the first time that the map required bug fixes. In patch 3.06, changes were made to Fracture’s B site which had a bug involving crates that could be shot through. The upcoming hotfix should be available by tomorrow and will address any game-breaking issues.

The new map released on 8th September 2021, and it was available only in the unranked mode for the first two weeks. The map was finally available in the competitive mode on 22nd September, only to be taken down due to the game breaking issue.

Fracture is the seventh map to be added to the game since its release and it features an H-shape layout with a visual split down the middle that shows two highly contrasting sides. There is a fair bit of verticality on the map with long ziplines that allow players to take alternate routes underneath the map.

Riot Games has promised heavy tie-ins to Valorant lore as well as interactive narrative objects on the map for the first time ever. The map will be getting regular updates over the upcoming patches which will add interactive objects and easter eggs throughout the map.

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